Taoism and indulgence

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    So I was watching the Marco Polo short film about Hundred Eyes and I was reminded that even though Hundred Eyes is an ascetic to some extent, his orders permit him to drink or lay with women should he desire. (Moreso the former than the latter it seems.)

    I confess, I'm not as familiar with the specifics of a taoist priest's clerical orders like I am with that of Buddhism's.

    So why exactly does the Way discovered by Lao Tzu allow it's strictest adherents to indulge in certain pleasures?
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    There are many sects but you can check out the China Taoist Association web-site, which is a proper organization approved by the Government. Lao Zi only written some 5000 words Dao De Jing which has nothing to do with religion.
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    It's a television show, none of its representations are necessarily correct.
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    There have been multiple sects of Taoism over the centuries, but today there are really only 2. Quanzhen Taoism who do not marry and are celibate, vegetarian, who live in monasteries. And then there is Zhengyi Taoism whose priests can marry, eat meat, live in their own homes.

    I have no doubt that amongst the hundreds of sects that have existed throughout Chinese history that there were those that could be with women and those that could not.

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    maybe you should ask The Dao Bums on The Dao Bums forum

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