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    Very good I am learning thanks you do have a good heart.
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    Do is seen throughout Japanese art and culture as well as the martial arts.
    do, the way, the path, martial arts philosophy
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    Okay, but hapkido is a Korean martial art, not a Japanese martial art.
    Ignoring that, I am very familiar with the "-do" concept of Japanese martial arts.

    So, ignoring the Korean/Japanese issue, the important part is that -- read in its context, you're saying that the do/way that you wanted to teach children is that they should choose complete jerks as their teachers.

    And you redefine "honorable" as in "honorable father" to mean "father who forces children to take classes from complete jerks."

    I'm not okay with that at all. :mad: :yeleyes: :woo:
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    Well choi yong sul learn “the way” while in japan for 3o year and then upon coming back to Korea he introduced it into his hapkido from aikido GM Takeda Sokaku

    Stick and stone may break bones but your evil sentences don't make sense. If you was not there, then you are speculating. have a small prayer: peace, out.
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    You lost me.
    Is not the thesis of your article that Chang was a jerk?
    And in the context of Chang being a jerk, in post #34 did you not define "honorable" to mean forcing a child to take martial arts classes under Chang?

    :rolleyes: We can all read your posts.

    Maybe your hapkido is different than my aikido, but in my aikido, and in the Japanese jujitsu that I learned before aikido, and in the kendo that I studied for a year, that's not what "the way" means. So we will agree to disagree about honor in martial arts, and about how an "honorable father" behaves.
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    Ladies and gentlemen every one has the right to draw there own theory. From reading my post because thatS why it was place to be read in 2017.

    I never claimed to have my own hapkido as I am a 4 Term white belt 4o years uncertified. Since every one can read this post perhaps one of them can answer your question, about your aikido being different then their hapkido. Being that they are more proficient for you.

    It seems like someone has spider syndrome in there heart..
    Yes I know, every one wants to know what the heck is spider syndrome. Well as they say that for me to know and you to find out. Please search the web and let me know what is found.

    Nowhere in the chronicle is the word honorable used. I am a 15 year veteran and served during the Vietnam war. I have my honorable discharge documents. Is that what your asking for, if not you can write
    any thing you like about honorable as it is your right to do so.

    By now the chronicle of Xman has been shared world wide.
    There has been so many theories drowned up by each reader thats the best part.

    There are so many questions unanswered due to the amounts received. As I have very little time on the internet and can’t answer every one. Does unanswered question will stay in the past for ever.
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    Oh god i read that as 15 year old veteran. XD

    (can somoen Pm as to what Aikido actually is as i have no clue and would iek details and its Actual history. )
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    Google it
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    Hi all
    I just like to take this minute to thanks every one for allowing to continue learning the use of map. I would like to answer the question asked in the prior replies. I'm not alway on line and sometimes days past before I go online. as this is new to me. So please give time for my replies. I will go back to to answer Q's.
    I also have questions to assist me. On how and if I can post some small items to prove my credibility as being Chinil Chang's student.
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    Hi Mitch
    Since I'm not a layer. How would you set out to cross examine my testimony and might I have something needed to assist with the cross examination. My post took 2 years to write and I don't have good writing skills. I am strong, young and I can learn. I hope everyone stays alway from the rhetoric as it would not serve a purpose.

    Please be patient for my reply as I am slow

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