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    Saw Blade Runner 2049 on Monday and loved it. :)

    Visually it's sumptuous, a really immersive experience, and very much in the style of the original. The camera lingers to let you soak in the sets; the composition of shots, the sets themselves, everything creates the same detailed, believable world, just one that has moved on a little.

    The plot continues from the original, developing without damaging it, and explores similar themes while expanding them to new areas.

    Downsides? I thought the score occasionally drifted into Vangelis pastiche, and I found the villain a rather unconvincing cartoon, rather than the amoral but understandable Tyrell from the original.

    There seemed to be a few loose ends to me, but I'd like to see it again to be sure, as at 2 hours 43 minutes there's a lot to take in.

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