5 Badass Kung Fu Fighters Who PROVED That Kung Fu is Legit

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    I don't totally disagree with this, but at the same time I appreciate the instructor needs to make a living. I think what he does is probably a good way of doing it, offering two separate classes, and there are some people who do both.
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    Yeah, I get it. It's their shout. But though the motivations are clear the results remain the same.

    No comment on the skill of your coach or the efficacy of the sanda training of course!
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    I understand. That's the problem which sometimes arises twixt running a MA business and actually imparting the teachings. Catering to the student may pay bills but it may not ensure a complete transmission.And what happens when such individuals go on to be instructors themselves? I've seen some instructors such as that.Didn't strike me as folks I'd be worried about.

    Not saying that's the way it is in this particular instructor's group,just saying it's common now.
    Exactly. So people can laud how San Da "works" and TMAs don't-but it all really comes down to how one trains. Just speakin' as a T'ai Chi guy who used to "enlighten" Karate and TKD folks.
    Yeah,I agree it's instructor's choice.My first teacher taught a general class of mainly just TC form,and then had classes for other training/practices.Most people didn't partake of those classes.

    But I would venture to say that over the last 30 years or so with so many people wanting to make a living out of this stuff it has led to dumbing down in many schools.

    Highlights the difference between a classical Japanese ryu which is about transmission,and the modern business model-which in many instances is about paying the overhead.I get that,but-and of course this depends on the individual school and instructor- it doesn't always make for turning out good representatives of a system.

    Yup. Poorer CMA.And then when one says "But this stuff works if it's trained properly" people will say "Yeah,right,never seen it." And they haven't.

    After the TC "master" who had studied for around 2 years got creamed I heard Rogan blathering that TC isn't even a combat system.And why should he think different?
    ( Although if one is going to be a pundit one should do some background checking so one knows what one is talking about - he obviously doesn't know about CMA tourneys in SE Asia and Hong Kong over the last 50 years.).
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    That is a problem, and it's probably not one I'll be solving, but perhaps if there was a governing body who had to license all instructors, who insisted that to instruct you had to be able to demonstrate your ability to perform and teach all aspects of the art? But that would come with problems of it own. I would love to see TMAs taken more seriously though.
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    i agree
  6. Kung- fu is so huge that it deserves a total river like Amazon to fit in :(... Jokes apart. All I can say there are people who cheat on the name of kung-fu and make a lot of money. But in my experience have seen real masters are totally detached from the world, loving birds and nature etc. The most well-known styles of today are Wing Chun, Shaolin, Taichi etc. But no matter which style you choose, you to have to practice for years and years to see the impact in your strikes. Reaching to the point where you would be thinking more about Peace than Fight is the real goal of traditional Chinees Kung-fu. I can be wrong here share your thoughts.
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    No you don't. You've said boxing is limited, but do t you think it takes years and years to see the impact in your strikes?

    Sure it takes years to really get tuned, but I disagree it takes that long to see the impact.
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    I certainly agree with that in some cases.

    what style of kungfu did you study?
    where I studied, you could see the results of training within months, and I know others who didn't have to wait years to see results.

    how would you gauge valuable impact on strikes?
  9. Bruce-Lee-Quote-9-750x410.jpg
    I am wrong for sure, What About this person? do you really think toady with so many mobiles and tablets you get so much time to practise 10k kicks in a month, if you can good, I haven't seen someone done 10k kicks in 3 months for a long .. but may be thats me only.

  10. If you could see results in months then think what it could have been the impact if you practiced for 6 months or even a year. In this age, I still practice a lot not considering the time I spend practicing with students. I can only show you the impact only when you are in front of me. Haters are gonna hate but it really doesn't matter to me. I know what real power is if I was in your location, surely you won't doubt me as much as you do now. in case if you are even coming to my country, I invite you to visit my place and I will let you judge me on a scale of 1 to 10.
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    Post a video and we will rate you right here and now
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    it is invalid argument to expect people to travel to witness the impact of your punches.
    there is a massive amount of money up for grabs to people with real power in their punches in organised professional matches (the definition of professional is that you get paid for it).

    Haters gonna hate is an easy get out expression when you are announcing extreme power without any evidence.
    that expression only has weight to people who are successful in their fields.
  13. True! Agreed! "it is invalid argument to expect people to travel to witness the impact of your punches."
    I said only because people don't believe what they can't see. Also, can you link me up to any such pro fights where I can take part in? Or Guide me how to be in that pro circuit? Any more info would be appreciated.

    I am not "announcing extreme power"anyway, I always believe there is someone better than me somewhere and I have to learn things from him. All I have said is from my experience. Thanks for ur reply though.
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  15. Thanks for replying, if I am not mistaking they are a part of Alpha Omega Epsilon Family, Which I have had few encounters in past. About them I just have called up now and they aren't willing to start unless I am (Or my Student) take an admision there. I would be thankful to you if you can set up a behind walls fight for me because taking admision then train with them and then start a fight is not possible due to time in our case.
    Thanks again for the serious reply.
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  17. Thanks for a serious reply
    I will update as soon as i get some news for you.
    Thanks again.
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