any 1 no a good club

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by zac, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. zac

    zac New Member

    does any one no any good thai boxing clubs in liverpool.
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  2. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

  3. Nukie

    Nukie New Member

    Yep, trainin is on Tues and Thurs 7pm - 8pm and is in the Fighters and Fitness Studio on Wellington Road.. (above penny lane taxi)
  4. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    Do you train there Nukie?
  5. Nukie

    Nukie New Member

    Yea.. although i haven't been goin as much as i'd like to recently due to work commitments!

    Its a v good club though.. some very good fighters, past and present...

    Have you trained under Colin in the past, Ghost frog??
  6. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    No. I've always fancied training there, just have problems finding time. The club's got an excellent reputation. Are there many women in the class?
  7. Nukie

    Nukie New Member

    Well if you find the time i'd definitely recommend it.. even if you can just manage one of the nights, it'd give you a taste for it.

    And as for the number of girls... i wouldn't say theres loads but theres definitely a few that train there on a regular basis, so you'd never be on your own if thats what you're worried about!

    If you're still interested and want more info, just msg me on here....
  8. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    Not really worried about a lack of women, it's just that some of the more trad clubs don't really like having girls in their gym. I'm quite tempted now :) Probably drop you a PM in a couple of months time when I'm not so busy.

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