Bruce Lee beaten by Trovador Ramos?

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    Not necessarily - How many fights of Charles Burley exist? Yet he is phenomenal

    Because we live in a “film it” age we are accustomed to seeing even the smallest thing on camera- outside of Demos (Lonbeach and a few studio shots) most of the film of Bruce is him prepping for movie.

    Guro Dan makes his living as Guro Dan - he does not need Bruce Lee to Abe recognized yet he still acknowledges his ability

    Richard Bustillo was the same

    There is a cadre of people who sell the name instead of their/his art and there is of course the family making money off the myth but even taking that as it is how much MORE money would someone make showing they beat him?
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    With all due respect to him guru Dan would have probably been a pe teacher until he retired without the fame brought about by Bruce that fame allowed him to become the life long student of the martial arts he is. Not saying he sort it or exploited it in any way, just saying its a fact.

    Yes a fortune would be made from the films either way, and it would also serve to stop the endless debates about Bruce was he wasn't he and all the insults thrown at him being an actor not a fighter etc.

    There is motivation on both sides to show the clips if they wanted to, the fact in over 40 years only some sparring footage and one or two roof top fights have been put forward is a bit telling,

    and also In material the impact of the man on martial arts far far far exceeds anything to do with his abilities in real life
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