Can any of you say to Bruce Lee face that what Ted Wong does is not Jeet Kune Do?

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by pmosiun, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Simon

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    Bruce Lee, Arnie, Evil Knievil, all leaders in their day. They laid the foundation in their chosen field for what we have today, and what we have today is so much better, especially in the case of Bruce Lee.

    We know Bruce cross trained, but we have so much more exposure today of other arts. Those other arts and the associated expert exponents and instructors are much easier to access now.

    Bruce just pointed the way, he was not the way.
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    I would prefer to keep the less opinionated out of the forums given a choice, but I look at this as working with the mentally disadvantaged
  5. Sheever

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    Agree Simon.but he was not so fancy for sport combat dont forget.
    there is another line which is more agressive,direct no tipi tapi.thats what I am interested the most.all others can be find everywhere around
  6. robin101

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    i would comment but I would feel like those guys in once upon a time in china, pouring boiling water over the fighters all i can say is that like shreever , I hadded spokeded deliciousless english since i was twice.
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    Now that would be comical.
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    OK, it seems this thread has run its course so I'm locking it.
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