Do those of you here feel that JKD is the most "perfect" system?

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Saved_in_Blood, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I had my thumb knuckle deep in someones eye once before it stopped him; theory went well and trult out the window on that one! Without a grappling background that is a fight I would have lost and lost badly because he was VERTY motivated!

    Don't get me wrong, the eye jab has it's place and it is one of my staples but it is far from panacea and if you are guessing it will work you may have a suprise when it doesn't ;)
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  2. Fujian Animal

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    of course, and i guess i should've mentioned way earlier that to me, an eyejab is a means to a means, not a means to an end, nor should you ever expect to win a fight or end a fight with an eyejab, the eyejab is a very quick and precise motion which is really good for closing gaps, bridging in on your opponent and following up immediately with either a lock or a takedown, or even a knee strike to the lower extremities

    i have been doing this for so long that i sometimes forget there are other styles of fighting out there, and other training methods, so i have a tendency to assume too much sometimes, but for me it has always been about fluidity, always about continuation from one technique into another, and always covering every range of combat, be it kicking, striking, trapping, or whatever else presents itself to you

    never ever EVER stop or pause after an eye strike, always always ALWAYS continue from one technique into another, until the opponent is on the ground and no longer capable of fighting, that is something i learned from wing chun, the whole idea of what they call 'sticking to the opponent'
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    Looks like we are on the same page with that - phew! :)

    The number of people who belive you can end a fight with a poke........
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    i am also still learning too, always learning, also learning how to speak as well and how to present my martial art to the internet audience, and it is a process for me, looking back to my past i see things i may have said then that were true for the time, but today seem less true to me, and if you were to ask me the same question tomorrow as people have asked me today, i will probably give you two different, seemingly contradictory answers, and that is because i am always learning, always questioning, always looking for better ways and better answers, so it is a process for me, and i sometimes forget that not everybody has the same mindset i have, nor was everyone as lucky to learn as i am or to get the experience which makes up who i am today

    after all, regardless of everything else, i am still a student
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    Okay, but unless you've "grazed someone's eyeball" with your fingers deliberately in training, my point stands.
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    my only problem with that mindset is that i fail to see the valid purpose of it, eyejabs are very dangerous and can produce permanent results so i would never recommend actually poking anyone in the eye during sparring unless they are wearing safety goggles, but the whole focus of the eyejab in training is precision and timing, and ive found that there are several styles like northern mantis and southern snake which provides excellent training for that, as do some of the more modern systems like SPEAR for example, and of course JKD as well

    one way to train precision and timing is really simple, draw a dot on your focus mitt and move it around in a bobbing or weaving fashion as your partner practices striking the dot with his fingertip, then switch positions and do the same thing, using both hands for ambidextrous training

    another way is to hold a pebble or coin, or even a twig, and then having your partner try and snatch it before you move your hand away or close it, and this method also is great for nontelegraphic training

    and these are just a couple of ways to help your training, i have used both and i know for a fact they will work if you keep practicing, and that of course should be complimented with actual sparring, but i would never recommend poking someone in the eye during sparring, ESPECIALLY during realistic unprotected street defense training
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    No, of course not. You're absolutely right. But that's the point isn't it. The best we can reasonably do in training is still an abstraction. We get very judgmental about one anothers' abstractions. Some say that competitive arts have too many rules. Others say that traditional arts don't train with enough resistance. Etc.

    The larger point is that NONE of us are doing in training what our arts profess to do "in reality." We're all operating from a leap of faith to one degree or another. So when someone says that their training methods are more valid because they don't adhere to rules, my point is that, yes, you actually do. There are rules established by your school and by society at large that dictate the parameters and limit your training methods for the good of everyone training. Nobody ever trains with no rules.
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    well, when you say it like that and i think about it, you do have a point and i guess i never really realized that until just now, at the time when we first got on the subject i had just finished sparring with a few of my training partners, and the thing about it is that all of my guys already know the rules, hence when i replied 'it goes without saying' but i didnt consider the thoughts of others or how they train at that point, because nobody i train with is a beginner, so we dont really discuss rules when sparring, and i guess its just natural instinctive habit for me not to have to go over that kind of stuff, but you're absolutely right and i stand corrected by saying yes, my system does have rules or restrictions for training purposes, mostly to prevent getting injured

    its just been a very long time since ive had to think about it
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