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    I've moved from a traditional style of taekwondo to a more sports focussed taekwondo school. After taking a hard hit at training last week, I've come to realize that I really need to get some kind of breast protection. I have no idea what to look for! What do you use? Must be comfortable, allow free range of motion, and fit under the dobok and WTF chest guard.
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  2. Mitch

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    There are two main types as far as I know.

    One is a plastic shell to cover both breasts that slips into something like a sports bra. Solid plastic, good protection in some ways, but uncomfortable and hot.

    The other has a separate protector for each breast. Again, some slip into a something like sports bra, but some are built in to the bra.

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  3. Travess

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    All the females at my Club wear the style shown in the 3rd thumbnail, which @Mitch has shared above, and so far, all are very happy with them.

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    In my club we don't spar that often, but when something is announced I do wear a chest protector - one pretty similar to Mitch's first thumbnail - you have a normal sports bra and if needed, you slip in two plastic pieces. I don't know about others, but they are comfortable to wear and move around in. A hard hit will hurt, too, but from what I can tell they absorb much of the impact, so I can only recommend them, too. :)
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  6. Mitlov

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    Option #3 is very common among sport fencers, where you take a lot of very hard, very focused impacts to the chest (especially epee).

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