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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by MuayThaiGuy, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. MuayThaiGuy

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    I just started sparring today (woohoo!) and have the headache and sore jaw to prove it (doh!). While I was in the ring, I wanted to grab my oppoent's neck and give him a good knee or two. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to make it work. The closest I came was when I rushed him against the ropes, but I still couldn't get my gloves behind his head because he was turtling up. When and how can I actually execute this move?
  2. Trent Tiemeyer

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    As much as you want to get the neck clinch, that is how much your opponent does not want to let that happen. The more you spar, the more you will be able to find and exploit these opportunities.
  3. MuayThaiGuy

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  4. nicolo

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    hehe yeah print Khun Kao's tips out on paper and check them over as you're clinching in the ring. :D
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    Hehe. Wait, just a sec, lemme read this...wham!
    Hey, I told you to wait!

    I used some of Khun Kao's techniques the other day and actually landed a solid knee! I tried the one where you do a sort of slightly hooking jab behind their head and meet them in the chest with a knee. It helped that they were smaller and less experienced than I, but it was fun to try something new and have it work the first time. My instructor told me no more knees until I had some knee pads so as not to hurt anyone, but I just bought some that were made for volleyball players so watch out sparring partners!
  6. Mushroom

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    yay. sparring is loads of fun. till you get knocked out.
    I find that i have trouble clinching the neck also as a lot of people i spar with are taller than me, although a little less experienced. I tend to come in from the side, push down their shoulders and knee them from there. Its just a more reachable target for me. My old instructor was about 6'4 and he let me in close to observe my close range (i was quite new at the time), I grabbed his neck and he kinda just stood up taking me with him and threw me down.

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