How do you define JKD?

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Yama Tombo, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Yama Tombo

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  2. LS

    LS Full Metal Jacket.

    JKD : Jeet Kune Do - cantonese; Jeet - stop ; Kune - Fist ; Do - way or ultimate reality

    there it is .. JKD defined. ;) :D
  3. Yama Tombo

    Yama Tombo Valued Member

    I guess I should be more specific. Do you think it's more of a Martial Art or Philosophy?

    And in my study it was "Way of Intercepting Fist"
  4. Matt_Bernius

    Matt_Bernius a student and a teacher

    Jeet Kun Do = Philosophy (and Bruce translated it as "way of the intercepting fist"). It's all theory, no hard and fast techinque (ie. here are the specific mechanics of a technique).

    Jun Fan = Martial Art (Created by Bruce, propogated by Dan Inasanto and others). This is heavily influenced by Wing Chun and Western Boxing (amoung other arts).

    JKD is layered on top of Jun Fan (or any other martial art) as a method of reaching a personal expression for martial arts. Or at least that is the method that Inasanto affiliates differentiate things. Hence they teach Jun Fan as the martial art and teach Jeet Kun Do as the concept. I'm not sure if Linda Lee and the JKD nucleus treat things the same way.

    I tend to think the Inasanto method is the proper way based on my research.
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  5. LS

    LS Full Metal Jacket.

    oh okay to me ..

    It is a martial art. .. which has principles and philosophical tenets, along with physical techniques which help form a coherent framework or system. that is at least how i see the totality of JKD.
  6. Terry Matthes

    Terry Matthes New Member

    Nooooooooooo it's not, its a philopshy. You can do Karate and practice JKD, you can be a boxer and practice JKD. You can be a Chef and practice JKD. Here is a quote straight from bruce lee:

    "Jeet Kune Do favors formlessness so that it can assume all forms and since Jeet Kune Do has no style, it can fit in with all styles. As a result, Jeet Kune Do utilizes all ways and is bound by none, likewise, uses any techniques or means which serve it's end."

    Yeah that's right you MMA haters out there; bruce lee was a mixed martial artist :p I know Stump will gimme a high five, who else?
  7. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    JKD = A name

    something neccessary for marketing

    All businesses have a name, as do there products
  8. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Last time I said that Yoda slapped my wrists ;)

    If you are not doing Jun Fan Gung Fu then you have no right to call it JKD, calling it JKD must have the linage under of Bruce Lee :D

  9. Terry Matthes

    Terry Matthes New Member

    I think that is exactley what Bruce Lee didn't want :) No tracing back to grandmasters and copying exactley what they did. Find out what works for you and keep it, disregard style and lineage.

    JKD is an idea, but some people decided it also to be the replication of Bruce Lee's skill set; the JKD "style" (that is what most people call JKD nowadays). The idea can be applied to the "style" but the idea is not limited to the style as it can be applied to any style.
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  10. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    It's just a word. A label.

    It can be used to represent things, but has no intrinsic meaning.

    For some that means lineage, others Jun Fan, others techniques sets, others philosophy......

    But "JKD" is nothing, just a label. Can be used to represent things, as long as people understand what you mean when you use it your ok.

    Lets say we are playing cards and we got chips:

    Red = 1
    White = 5
    Black = 25


    Now we go play somewhere else and all of a sudden:

    Black = 1
    Red = 5
    White = 25

    What happened? Someone doesn't understand what those coloured chips mean?

    Who is right? who is wrong? Who cares?

    They are just chips, don't mean anything except what you use them to mean.
  11. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Bleh! I ain't going to argue on something which I have not even practised or know anything of other than websites/books.

    Take a look yourself....

  12. sercuerdasfight

    sercuerdasfight Valued Member

    andrew, you took all my ideas. good job.
  13. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    You have our sympathy...

  14. Matt_Bernius

    Matt_Bernius a student and a teacher

    I just pulled this from the forum Cain linked to. This is a great overview on the relationship between Jun Fan and Jeet Kun Do (better than my hasty one above.

  15. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Wow - that quote is great! I couldn't have said it better myself ... wait, I did say it myself :p

    And in response to Terry's post:

    I've said this before in another thread here, too (but am too lazy to go dig it up - yet, strangely, not too lazy to type out the gist again, boy I'm kinda odd :) )

    Anyway, personally, I think someone should have the lineage to claim "JKD." Yes, they may utilize the same philosophy. But people are going to assume some relationship to BL if the name is used. So for someone to use the name and not have lineage is, IMO, a misrepresentation (at best).

    Why would anyone without the lineage want to call what they do "JKD"? The only reason I can see is that they want to cash in on the commercial value of the name. To me, that's not quite kosher.

    For all these reasons, I don't consider myself a JKD man. I've had a fair amount of exposure to Jun Fan and can speak the basic lingo of the system pretty well. But I've never formally trained in Jun Fan and it didn't have any kind of pivotal effect on my martial arts training. But I do espouse the philosophy completely and it's how I train. But my core is a blend of Kali and Silat not Jun Fan. So I don't consider myself a JKD man. And I don't call what I do JKD.

  16. Tireces

    Tireces New Member

    You can only be doing JKD if what you are training emphasizes things JKD emphasizes. How can you be practicing the "way of the intercepting fist" if you cant intercept in the slightest? What if what you are doing is just making things more and more complex instead of narrowing down? I thought he said "the art of jeet kune do is simply to simplify". What happened to that? I dont think he said anywhere "the art of jeet kune do is simply to train in a gajillion different martial arts, read the tao of jeet kune do, and youre all set". Jeet Kune Do is not just about training in multiple styles, if you think it is, youre already limited to thinking of things in terms of style. Thats my take on it.
  17. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Here's the way I defined JKD in that other thread (and still how I define it):

  18. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Thanx Mike, I knew I could use the backup of you big dudes here :D

  19. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    LOL. Me, a big dude? I'm just a little kid swinging a stick and hoping to hit the pinata so I can get my candy ;)

  20. Cain

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    ROFL!!! Stay away from candy, you were on a diet remember? ;)



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