How do you define JKD?

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Yama Tombo, Oct 31, 2003.

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    Are you the TRUE author????????

    I hate it when people read something they like and post it as their own.
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    As previously stated in that long post bruce lee chose to use his power side closest to the target, but a student of his (cant remember the name but could be found out if needed) prefered to use his weaker side closer to the target. As it stated in the book (i have read) it wouldve looked as if he was performin his stance wrong but because of JKD concepts he was embracin it and usin what he felt comfortable with. Which under JKD is correct.

    Well thats how ive always seen it, ive never felt you could be taught the martial art of JKD because to be taught somethin esp techniques you need guidelines and set patterns to learn from. Which is everythin JKD stands against, but (also posted earlier) if you already have a base in a MA then JKD can help further your trainin by 'openin your mind' so to speak.

    As Bruce Lee died we will never know the answer and will always continue to fight over what is JKD but i think you need base in some sort of art, whether it be street defence, MT, boxin, or jus plain ole bar room brawl style, etc. because to break the boundaries you have to know what the boundaries are.

    Sorry if thats a lil long and all the points have been covered already, just had to get it off my chest!
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    Where does Kimura fit into all this? Seems like hes been forgotten or become an underdog.
    I remember they had Bruce Lee's lost interview on Google - with Pierre Berton - a few months back but i believe it has been removed due to copyright infringement....
    Anyone know where else to find it?
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    they sell it at hmv.
    also i totally agree with what matt said. tho jerry poteet does protect the art as well
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    For me :

    Jeet Kune Do - A philosophy, a concept, a way of living and training martial arts. JKD, for me, could be defined throught 3 key words. Self-Expression, Evolution and Adaptation. It´s a path that will lead to a personal style of fighting.

    Jun Fan JKD - The martial art. Bruce Lee materialization of the JKD philosophy. Because JFJKD is the personal style of the creator of JKD and because it's something solid and objective, something that can be taught, something that can be used as an example, JFJKD is the basis in the studying of JKD. We build a house starting from the foundations. It's by following that kind logic that JFJKD must and should be taught.
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