I say again, MMA is not JKD

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by American MMA, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Good Lord, someone certainly likes to type. None of the above was relevant to the question at all, so let's get to the actual response.

    That can be said for anybody who just decides to punch away on a heavy bag. Doesn't mean they're technically correct, or in many of the Youtube video cases, even showing any skill.

    It actually looks like a standard 70lb bag to me.

    Bruce did inspire some boxers. Bruce was also inspired by boxers, he especially loved Ali's footwork.

    Here's a fair view then. Compare Bruce's bagwork to Manny Pacquiao's, who is about the same weight as Bruce (and is actually a fan of Bruce Lee's). Compare his bagwork to Bruce's and see the difference.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfRsrhjFno0&feature=relmfu"]Road To Mosley! Manny Pacquiao DESTROYS A HEAVY BAG! 4/26/11 - YouTube[/ame]
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    This is an extremely popular martial arts website. If you don't get out your whole thought in one post, people are bound to see it before you are finished editing. Perhaps if you had skipped the first several paragraphs and actually addressed the question, rather than throwing up a smoke screen, you would have avoided that problem.

    So now you're hinting that you might secretly be an instructor? Ooo, intrigue!
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    There sure is.

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    He might be using different IP addresses.
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    Why haven't we heard from AmericanMMA at all now?
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    We have, he's just posting under a different name.
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    Sorry, I left out the /sarcasm at the end of that post. :)
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    darn i like that footwork... when will i have footwork like that =(
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    So Sekkendo You say you know more and we are all fools and I seem to know a little more but am still a fool?? Well thanks for the compliment.

    Let me give you a little insight to me: I practiced and foughtBoxing, Mauy Thai, Wrestling and most definetly FMA in many formats both with and without protection, Ive trained for 30 plus years and trained with some of the best in the world as well as having fought at a high level. I practiced JKD with the best in Europe and with many of the USA's top instructors so I know a little more about JKD than you give me credit for.

    Yes JKD has a structure if you want to go down that route and you want to look, think and move like Bruce Lee, but you see I choose to look, move and think like me and dont follow any cultish mentality obviously like you do.

    You failed to answer a simple question as to why BL was hitting the bag like an amature. I can asnwer it, its because his boxing structure was weak, maybe he was just looking for a work out but he was not grounded and he was off balance, we have all been there at some point so its not anything to worry about as long as we work to improve our structure correct? But it is deffinetly not a good example of how to hit a bag is it and admiting is is not in anyway detracting from what he was trying to achieve in the long run.

    Now if I was given a choice and I am to whether I would use the JKD structure over the FMA structure I would use the FMA structure simply because it has a better structure and is more effective in amny more areas than JKD. But that's not to say I dont see the value in the approach JKD has to offer and many of its techniques which I still use. The Wing Chun part as far as I am concerened on a personal basis is far inferior to the FMA trapping and striking skills but that does not take away from the fact that in the right hands JKD can be effective and efficient but it has its weaknesses.

    I dont see the need to add to JKD as for me its an approach to my training, I dont see the need to add to Mauy Thai or Boxing or Wrestling as on their own they are very effective but also have their weakenesses. I certainly dont feel the need to add to FMA as it is a more well rounded art than all of the above, but it has its weaknesses. Its all about knowing the strengths and weakensses of any art and having the ability to either strengthen them or hide them so well that others dont see them when it counts.

    I'm not a BL fan, never have been, I took up JKD under the instructor I did simply because he was the best around and he allowed me to explore every anvenue until I found something I felt was efficient for me.

    Can i show you Jun Fan yes, can I show you JKD yes can I show you other things yes and I do because I am a firm beleiver is showing my students every avenue they can take to become a more efficient and effective fighter on a personal basis, do I point out the strengths and weaknesses of everything I show, absolutly and I also ensure my students do not become blinded by all the hype and fall into a cultish mindset much like you are doing.

    Am I a fool, maybe, but I'm a fool that can stand toe to toe, a fool that can use his tools efficiently and effectively, now if that means in your eyes I dont know JKD after 30 years of training then thats fine because I know what I use works in real time on real people as I have proved to myself and others time and time again.

    If i'm the fool who does not know it and you are the one who does then good luck with that I'll keep being a fool as being a fool has saved my **** on more than one occassion, can you say the same? Better to be a fool that survives and wins than an intelligent dead man would'nt you say?

    I know what I do works and not because someone tells me it does, I know what I do is effective and not because someone tells me it does, I train the way I do because I know it helps what I do work even more not because someone tells me it does, I train the way I do not because I have been indoctranated into it but because I want to be better every time I train not because someone tells be to follow blindly the way they trained. I live my life for me and dont try to live or touch the life of someone else. Can you say the same. So who's the fool???
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    And he practices FMA too ;)
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    Oh and I'm not at my computor at work, they tend not to have too many computors to log onto on Building Sites in the Construction Industry? But hey who knows what will happen in the future? I'm on my Xmas break laughing at fools like you who follow blindly without question or reason in the hope that one day you too can fit into that Yellow Jump Suit. Your trying to touch the clouds in the hope that a little bit of his star dust may rub off on you and telling everyone else who isnt doing what you do that they are fools. Who's the fool? Come back to reality before you get lost in your own imagination.
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    Sounds very much like your describing yourself here would'nt you say ;)

    Oh dont worry were not :hat:
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    Really so how do you explain how he won the Hong Kong School Boy Boxing Championships then????? Are yo saying his school or a local boxing club that entered the school boys into this event just simply let him walk off the street and fight in their event???? Research young man, do it before you make FOOLISH comments such as this.
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    Now heres the problem you have Sekkendo:

    JKD has a structure, but you have never asked yourself why it has a structure?

    It has a structure simply because you need to start somewhere and have a foundation to work from.

    Now this is where you get stuck. You get stuck in the structure.

    What happens when you find a stronger structure? Do you stick with the weaker one simply because that is how it has always been done? Well if you do your going against the very principle of what JKD is suppose to be all about is it not?

    Doing something just because that is the way it has always been done or because that is how he done it is not making yourself a more efficient practioner, it is being a sheep following a shepherd when we know the only one to survive that trip is the Shepherd as the rest of the flock become lamb chops and wooley jumpers.

    Dont do it because it has always been done that way, do it because it works and the minute it does not work its about as much use as a chocolate ashtray, and I think your melting.
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    THIS jumpsuit?

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adbGZTAdz-c"]Takayuki Kohiruimaki vs. Tony Valente ~ K-1 WORLD MAX 2003 Champions' Challenge - YouTube[/ame]

    Look what happens when people who believe wholeheartedly in everything claimed by Bruce Lee and his associates steps into the ring with the big boys. Indeed, watch the panic set into his movements in the second round when Takayuki starts to unload a little more....
  15. Pat OMalley

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  16. Master Betty

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    Cue: "He's not doing teh R3AL JKD" comments...
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    Every time Bruce Lee reads a thread like this he wishes he had stuck to competitive dancing.

    I have respect for a lot of people here because they have earned it with posts that show they understand what they are talking about.

    You are not one of them.
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    Give the guy his dues though he went two and a half rounds with the Thai Boxer, not as if he finished him off quick smart is it... Admitedly wearing that get up me thinks he's not the full shilling, but he can take a bang and got a couple of good kicks in that if they had better body mechanics he would have had better results, but his lack of guard made it obvious he was going to fall foul of those kicks to the body, his guard was asking for that kick to land.
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    Whatever gets you through the day, hoss.
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    To be fair to him - the only reason he lasted as long was because you never know what people like him are going to do so you dont press the issue too quickly until you've got an accurate impression of their capabilities. It's EXACTLY the same as sparring with a beginner, which I personally hate, because they do things you'd NEVER expect and occasionally catch you with them. This isn't necessarily a good thing though because the reason you don't expect them to do certain things is usually because it's bloody stupid lol - like JKD guys spinning low heel hook kick etc.

    The thing is, it's not even as if the guy he was fighting was world class or anything. As a Thai boxer, Takayuki literally only shows up on Japanese rankings. Virtually unheard of internationally outside of K1 circles.

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