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    Thanks for kind of responding. You still didn't quite answer all my questions but it is a start.

    All this stuff aside, what I really wanted to know was do you snap your fingers when you teach?
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    There's this really cool website called "Youtube", you could give that a go man! It has a search function and everything!
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    Sounds like you are a bit anecdote fan...unless you were there of course, which by your own admission you were not. Where did this nugget come from?

    See Chadderz above

    In his personal letters - compiled to be sure, but even looking at them casually shows his opinion.

    You don't and that isn't what I said - I asked what you were basing it on, with your JKD experience being secondary.

    So let me get this straight....his OWN notes are edited yet anecdotes from his older students (one of whom has been called a liar by a man outside of JKD) is true?


    Trained no...corresponded with yes.

    Politics certainly are not from Dan - he would not say "poop" if his mouth was full of it
    He was not the first to come along but had the longest training. Most early students are not *technically* JKD as Bruce had not coined the term by then. Not to say they are not doing their own JKD, but Taky denies he does it and if he has someone who wants JKD he sends them to one guy...and that is from Taky before you try and make an allusion out of it

    And your is slanted

    Let me clarify this - out of the "loudest bell" OJKD teachers, Dan was the one who certified them and continued to teach them. Even a casual glance at the academy post-Bruce reveals this. Bremer was noticeably absent admittedly, and I have a lot of time for him, but pretty much everyone else was there.

    Again, this is Bruce's JKD phase we are talking about - not his early years. Many had departed by the end and were not privvy to his later stuff simply because they were not there

    The letter was from Linda so I would venture a guess she was closer than anyone else...unless you have another candidate?

    JKD is a personal journey - there is no such thing as untainted & pure JKD. This is the problem many people have with it. This is also why so many rally to something they can put a label on. This is the direct antithesis of what Lee was searching for

    I have never said Dan (or in my case Vu)is the only way to find your path, but that he is the only way that to me logically and philosophically makes sense to me. When I no longer see this as being the case for me I will leave with no bridges burned.

    My rank certificate has the expectations of my Instructor on it - and I abide by them.

    I said research and I meant it - not all of us have an agenda

    Possibly - although one only has to look at guy like Jack Mcvicker to see that this is not true
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    Easy to follow NOT to respond to. It measn you have to highlight, separate and requote things with your own previous comments in. RP is happy with it, but no-one else is because it makes free flow of ideas very difficult
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    Okay, just to make you happy...Took twice as long to write and I don't see the benefit.

    Corresponded to or read what any of his Seattle or Oakland era students said?

    His personal letters state that at some point in his development, he personally thought that wing chun was not a good art and threw away what he knew of it? For what? No, I got this: Muay Thai, Jits, Kali, Tai Chi, and Kina Mutai.:rolleyes: His opinion is obvious. He never stuck to one sole art from the beginning, be it tai chi, wing chun, tam toi, boxing, or whatever. However, nobody can argue that wing chun was not his foundation or that it disappeared completely. Look at the LA kwon curriculum, you will still find wing chun concepts and techniques being taught. And this is from a casual glance.

    I already wrote what I was basing my opinions on.

    Who is calling anybody a liar? Unless you are talking about the 26 arts nonsense. Or am I missing something?

    Are all of his original students in agreement about what JKD is? You can look at letters people have written and take any part in isolation to prove just about anything. If all of his correspondence and his movement, not to mention teaching, all showed he was throwing away wing chun and adopting something else, your point would already be proven. However, look at the JKD world, you see many different takes on this so it isn't as cut and dried as you try to describe it here. Also, the videos you posted was a pitiful attempt at proof. One could show pics of Bruce Lee in period costume with old school weapons and a queue and demos of him showing old forms and say he was still teaching classical nonsense, yet we all know that isn't the case.

    So they all echoed your sentiments?

    So where have all the politics come from? Same for the money, where has it all gone?

    So JKD is a term and concept or Bruce Lee's fighting art, or both? Opinions will vary but we all know what it isn't.... Dan Inosanto is an amazing man and martial artist, however your logic is flawed.

    Nope, no pony in this race. I can look at all claims and camps objectively. If anybody's opinion is slanted, it would be yours.

    Oh, so you meant that he took the responsibility to continue teaching the LA era students? Gotcha.

    We know that many that were there later weren't privvy to his early stuff too.:cool: It is like aikido or any other art, the art and artist change over time and students from different eras get different pieces. You are seeing JKD as a phase he evolved to later, but what if JKD was simply Bruce's art? His evolution and personal ability is what makes it unique, and unique to him and gone when he left. If you are looking at JKD as only the curriculum he was teaching at the LA kwoon or only what Dan Inosanto(or any of his students) says it is, you are only seeing half of the picture.

    Sure there is, Bruce Lee(untainted and pure JKD). I think he was searching to be the best at what he did. He did so, but he also labeled things quite a bit. Different techniques, different arts, different concepts, this we also know from his writings. However, when it came down to combat, he was about making himself more effective, efficient, and powerful, not in collecting arts.

    You just posted how slanted your research has been from the choices you have made in who you follow and not having been exposed to other OBLS. JKD is not just what Bruce Lee was teaching from 1967 on, so to ignore his evolution and instead add on other things isn't really JKD. PFS perhaps, but not JKD.
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    Please reality Back to basics

    Look above, took longer, was a pain to write, and I don't even want to look at it, let alone read it. More space, bigger gaps, and less coherent. I think the bold text after the original is much more easy to understand, and create.
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    Just a historical clarification for our gentle readers-

    Guro Dan holds the highest rank in JKD.Taky Kimura holds the overall highest rank given by Lee.
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    Even today Dan still calls Taky his senior...and Bruce was VERY insistent that any latter students paid their respects to Taky
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    It makes your initial response easier, but makes the subsequent debate very hard - hence most people post in the stye you dislike...but i appreciate the gesture :cool:
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    I have been exposed to Bustillo lineage (trained in that actually) and some experience with Dill lineages. I have also trained with McFann. PFS was something I evolved toward rather than chose - I was under Geoff Thompson and Pete Consterdine in the BCA long before I even saw Vu, so pragmatism has always been a watchword of mine - I my job i cannot afford any other luxury really
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    I really dislike that method of posting!
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    Gotcha. Thanks.

    ps-this took about 5 min to write. Granted, while I was composing, I did have to copy/paste your previous post because only the last paragraph showed up when I tried to quote you. Then I just recopied the [] and put it at the beginning and end of what I copied to make it show up, and erased the extra stuff.
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    try copying and pasting the quote by/quote tags makes it quicker!

    meh, it happens...I certainly never take offence or take it personally because it never actually gets to that level

    I never understood why it was so contentious, but that is possibly because that is how I always read it

    Yet some never had that WC exposure...Wong being the most obvious. That said I tend to look at Ted as a bit of a "project" of Bruce so to speak, being the only "from scratch" JKD guy.

    Bruce was and always will be a "Finger Pointing" to me and JKD is just a name...please don't fuss over it :cool:

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