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    I'd take the martial art too only because the concepts that one is taking alone, is contained in the martial art itself ALREADY. So I got a buy one get one free deal.. *cartmen voice* sweet. Also tel, do try and go around to other message boards such as the paul bax forum despite the stuff that goes on in there. However, you should find some eye opening things about JKD history and such. I think it's time to empty your cup and taste the tea of others... just a suggestion... And Len, I've seen that video collection. All I have to say is what was shown in that tape, has been seen by others for the last 15 to 20 years. Nothing new was covered in that video.
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    AGAIN the art he taught in seatle when he first come over,it was NOT jeet kune do.It was modified wing chun then when he was in oakland he tried to developed the perfect art,but soon found out that everyone is different so jkd become principle based art with the orginal jkd material as a base.u prob will say u already know that but your saying the art he had in seatle was the same art that was in LA and its not.nor the same name.all the first generation students say the arts were different and called different names.u saay u wuld take the art instead of the concept but the art is the concept,but if that the way u feel is right then go for it
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    Good Job!!.....You make a great point there....I see you have done your homework. :)......I think also akja has a valet point too......I myself think Jeet Kune Do isn't a concept......but rather a "Priniclpe and Philosohical Motion"(JFM)...look up what concept means in the dictionary........It mean: Thought or Notion.......isn't that agaist what Jeet Kune Do is all about?......At the same time I don't have a problem with anyone that calls it concept nether...."To each their own"......We are all different......but at the same of the same.....Good training to all.

    Take It Easy,
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    thanks and agree with what u say,my only question even tho we train to adapt to the other person and try to avoid the im gonna do this or that.but can we as humans totally be deviod of thought/notion in combat.even tho muscle memoery takes over?
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    Yes we can, this takes some training though.......When we where all kids our parents put us on the floor........we couldn't do time went on we begain to crawl around, because we found out we have wheels.......then we stood up holding on things, moving about.......then we ran along the wall standing up, but holding on to the wall........then we did our first steps, without holding on to we walk around and never think twice about has become second nature, without thinking.......this same process must happen with your training Tel.......I we let your figure out what I mean for yourself.......because I can only point the way......I can't teach anything.......only you can teach you.

    Good Training My Friend,
    John :)
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    cool john well stated. totally see what u mean,thanks
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    From Jun Fan JKD Vol. 1 by Dan Inosanto

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    an exellent series of tapes.they are clear and give loads of info on dan's training with bruce and what BL was doing just before his death.
    anyone what ever camp should at least take a look at these vids's.
    also dan inosanto sent these to linda lee to show how he was keeping BL memory and art alive
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    You're reading me wrong and putting words in my mouth. I never said anywhere on any forum that the art in Seattle was the same as the art in LA. Never! I'm from "The Bay", my Sifu and Sigung were a part of the mix. James Lee gave Sifu his first lesson when he was 8 years old. I know better than that.

    I said I will take the art, which as already said includes the concepts and "the art" means the whole art as it evolved over a decade plus or minus.
    Please name and quote these first generation students who say the arts were differant. All I've heard was 2nd gen. students quote Dan as saying that.

    I've give you quotes from 2 first gen students, Timm Tacket & Richard Bustillo that both said that all students learned the same art, Jeet Kune Do.

    At the time when they were issued their certs, (1967) The Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute was all it read.
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    if i misunderstood what u wrote,then my apologies. but u said that and i qoute u can take the concept but i'll take the art.but u also said that jeet kune do was the only art but it wasn't.
    from what u said in past post sounds good,but also tim tackett is not a first generation student he did not train with BL he joined dan's back yard group.
    u should read jkd conversations,ted wong and taky kimura both said that they were different art,there were two more but can't remember off hand
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    How is Jun Fan Gung Fu and JKD two seperate arts if Dan himself said:

    "Jun Fan Gung Fu is an established system of progression but Jeet Kune Do was Bruce Lee’s own personal martial art."


    "Because it’s important that you have the two parts, the basic material that he taught in the Jun Fan Gung Fu and then to find your own particular Jeet Kune Do."

    I take that to mean that Jun Fan Gung Fu is the material taught as Bruce Lee's art. JKD is Bruce's personal art and for it to be your personal martial art you have to develop it on your own. He pretty much said that Jun Fan Gung Fu is the base system and JKD is the concept. I don't see that as meaning they're both two seperate and dintinct systems.

    As far as I know Bruce Lee was constantly modifying his art, so it evolved gradually over time. Stating that JFGF and JKD are two seperate arts is like saying that Bruce Lee threw out JFGF completely and made up a whole new and distinct system (JKD) which bares no resemblance to his original art. I don't believe that to be the case. It's more like he decided to one day rename JFGF to JKD. Then later he regretted giving it a name and decided to say that JKD isn't a style and got all philosophical on us. Thanks in large part to Krishnamurti's inspiration.
  12. tel

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    ok,jun fan method was the art that bl first modifed when he firt come over.this is the art that taky kimura teaches.
    BL changed and moved away from this when he moved to oakland,and there created ojkd marterial that dan now calls jun fan gung fu to define it from jkd that BL adpted in L.A.
    the differance between jun fan method and ojkd is this.
    when he was in seattle he used forms and drills ,he taught sui lim tao and so forth,when he was in oakland he moved away from this and used a boxing
    structure in trapping.but still taught some forms.when he was in L.A he stoped teaching forms.
    he didn't chucked it out just moved away but there are these differances between jun fan method and ojkd material
    the jun fan dan is talking bout is the ojkd material from oakland onwards .
    the jun fan method learned by taky was primary wing chun

    hey El Mastero good post.but do recommend the book jkd conversations
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    Thanks Tel, I will answer your post at some other time. I just found out an interesting website that I'm going to read first and see if it's legit. You and everyone else on this forum can read it too if you guys/gals want.

    Here's an excerpt:


    Let me know if you think the info on the website is accurate or all boloney. Some of it sounds dead on but some of it also sounds questionable. What are your thoughts on it?
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    have to look back.but have read that somewhere

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