JKD and self expression

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Edgeorge, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I think we're at an impasse here. I'm out.
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    Tuhon Pat I would very much like to aquire some FMA as well as Silat on the side. Any places / styles you can recommend me? I was going to work with one of Dave cArnells students Chris Boado. Because he sounds like he covers much of what I like. with a good emphasis on fitness. Not sure if you heard of him?

    Maybe I won't have to wait until I'm old with a walking stick. I'll just make use of my umbrella now everywhere I go :)
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    There's Scott Marshall in Edinburg who runs the Filipino combat system and Paul Smith who is also based in Edinburg and runs some classes in Glasgow too. Both have knowledge of a couple of FMA SYSTEMS. And Paul Smith is also one of the top Wing Chun guys in thr UK so he can show you how to trap properly too.

    As for JKD Concepts resembling MMA hogwash.
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    Think I'm doneski here too.

    Browneagle, after chatting via email I can tell you're a genuine bloke. I wish you all the best in your endeavours. If all else fails, follow your own path and avoid the cult of the Sifu! Just do what you WANT to do, not what someone else tells you is right.
  5. Pat OMalley

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    I second that. Or as I like to
    Say. What would you rather be? The Shepard or the sheep? And we all know what happens to the sheep in the end don't we?

    Best regards

  6. Browneagle

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    I am exiting this as well its been interesting and wish to leave you my final thoughts.
    my fellow martial artist If anyone is to live this art of expression and continue the legacy I believe they should ask 3 things of themselves honestly and act upon them.

    a) WHEN IN HISTORY DO I EXIST? What social, geological factors does my immediate generation and environment do I need to consider in order to have a worthwile contribution towards.

    b) WHEN IN MY TIME DO I EXIST? What limiting factors does my age bring. what are the experiences in life I should have learned from personally. and how I should reflect them in my conduct

    Is what I aim for the same as what someone with other natural gifts should aim for? are my interests in life actualy interests that I have a natural talent in as well. How can I channel my natural abilities in a way most profitable to me as well as my surroundings. How can I direct my energies efficiently?

    I believe by acting on these questions irrespective of your spiritual orientation, religion, style, sport or cultural background... one is already looking upon Bruce (and other martial heros) and what he taught as
    the finger that points you to all that heavenly glory.

    Only then will he be smiling down on earth
    Only then will the ancient warriors who battled hard for the future generations' safety and peace will feel

    their toil has paid off.
    Only then can the wise people in history we aspire to be like feel that their cause was just.
    Only then will we be walking the path of ultimate truth.
    But rather than "admire". Lets look to "do". and after doing for long enough let's learn to "be"
    and after being for long enough lets look to "enlighten".
    I have talked enough Let's hope I can do

    'Of my art-gung fu and jeet kune do-only one of 10,000 can handle it. It is martial art. Complete offensive

    attacks. It is silly to think almost anyone can learn it. It isn't really contemporary forms of the art I

    teach. Mainly that which I work with-martial attack. It is really a smooth rhythmic expression of smashing the

    guy before he hits you, with any method available."

    Bruce Lee
  7. Doublejab

    Doublejab formally Snoop

    Bruce sums up my viewpoint alot better than I could. I've also enjoyed the discussion.

    ''I have not invented a "new style," composite, modified or otherwise that is set within distinct form as apart from "this" method or "that" method. On the contrary, I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles, patterns, or molds. Remember that Jeet Kune Do is merely a name used, a mirror in which to see "ourselves". . . Jeet Kune Do is not an organized institution that one can be a member of. Either you understand or you don't, and that is that.

    There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way. Jeet Kune-Do is simply the direct expression of one's feelings with the minimum of movements and energy. The closer to the true way of Kung Fu, the less wastage of expression there is.

    Finally, a Jeet Kune Do man who says Jeet Kune Do is exclusively Jeet Kune Do is simply not with it. He is still hung up on his self-closing resistance, in this case anchored down to reactionary pattern, and naturally is still bound by another modified pattern and can move within its limits. He has not digested the simple fact that truth exists outside all molds; pattern and awareness is never exclusive.

    Again let me remind you Jeet Kune Do is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one's back.'' - Bruce Lee
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  8. ap Oweyn

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    It's been a real pleasure disagreeing with someone and still having things go so civilly. Even though we don't agree, I've enjoyed talking with you about this. And look forward to more of the same.

  9. JackD

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    This is staged nonesence. It just takes a little practice to do what they do. He could not do that in combat against a good non telegraghic JKD front kick to the balls!
  10. JackD

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    So I guess it was a style after all. Simple, direct and non-classical unlike many others he had encountered
  11. Hannibal

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    Sweet jeebers......it reaches an agree to disagree level and then you post something that asinine?
  12. Doublejab

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    Yeah his style. Not your style :D
  13. Doublejab

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    I doubt he's read the preceeding 189 posts :) Gotta love it
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    Yes, this is what he meant. Look at it this way, if I am 4 feet tall, and you are 7 feet tall. What will work for you will not be the same as me. Your punch might be faster more power, or your kick might be faster more power, my footwork might be faster, my grappling my might better. Your kick might be longer range, and mine might be shorter. Your groundwork might be better, but my defense might be better than your attempt to throw. Your reach might be longer, but my reach might be better in close quarter.

    We are all different, so you way expression of oneself will not be the same as mine.
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  15. JackD

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    Nice try! I guess you should have picked a different paragraph to quote :D
    If it was his only he would not have taught it both in schools as well as privately.
  16. Doublejab

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    Can't even be bothered to look on google for a facepalm pic...so....facepalm.
  17. Pat OMalley

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    Why wouldn't he. What do you mean he would teach someone elses style. I have a system I teach. I have my style to teach that system. My students learn via my style and eventually develop their own style.

    I may know various systems of fighting but I can only teach them in my own style.

    Best regards

  18. focused_rage

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    mranderson - ''JKD is a striking art'' why the **** would any one place this in there quote eh....

    for the last damn time
    one its not an art its a system.
    two its a evolutionary system
    three its based on attack you replace blocking with attacking not just simply striking but grappling too damn

    please try to get this right for the love of god try.....
  19. Sheever

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    I would say is not a system.its Lees personal research results.(method?)
    but yes you point very well on the striking and replacement part.
  20. focused_rage

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    the only reason i use the term "system" is its better used as a self help "system" like a life long seminar for ones self, or simply a learning proses.

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