JKD Should be practiced after having established a strong foundation..? Discuss

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Jabby Mcgee, Mar 8, 2011.

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    sorry man i hijacked the thread. just had to educate somebody. JKD CAN be practiced by anybody at any experience level. for me its easier to appreciate it after studying other arts first. if even just to see what doesn't work.
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    The original study was called the Tueller drill - it was subsequently developed and refined by most other LE agencies and a few non-LE.

    Is that enough for you or do you need a picture?

    I said Moss Side my comprehension challenged friend - at one point one of the most violent cities per head of capita ANYWHERE in the world.

    And it isn't in Canada so clearly Geography AND reading are not your strong points.

    We could try math, but I am not hopeful.....

    You are clearly one to walk right into easy traps - that is why you got sucker punches for starters - the 92 was a random number pulled out...it is actually a lot higher than that.

    Looking at it statistically, how many people live in your city alone. How many of them in one year are the victims of violent crime? Now, out of those stats look at how many were unavoidable by exercising common sense (I know that is a stretch for you but please bear with me).

    In actuality most violent conflict has it's genesis (look it up if that word confuses you) well before the physical takes place. You have a hard-on for "10 minutes" when anyone with an IQ larger than a squashed apricot can appreciate that that is an illustrative generalisation rather than a unfied theory of all approach to self-protection

    Oh that sounds very common - mayhap that falls into the narrow percentage of those that CANNOT be avoided then.

    Debate is not your strong point is it?
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    You could start with yourself
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    Awww - you did the hard work for him Simon...
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    The Tueller Drill combines both parts of the original experiments by Tueller. There are several ways it can be conducted:[3]

    1.The "attacker and shooter are positioned back-to-back. At the signal, the attacker sprints away from the shooter, and the shooter unholsters his gun and shoots at the target 21 feet (6.4 m) in front of him. The attacker stops as soon as the shot is fired. The shooter is successful only if his shot is good and if the runner did not cover 21 feet (6.4 m).
    2.A more stressful arrangement is to have the attacker begin 21 feet (6.4 m) behind the shooter and run towards the shooter. The shooter is successful only if he was able take a good shot before he is tapped on the back by the attacker.
    3.If the shooter is armed with only a training replica gun, a full-contact drill may be done with the attacker running towards the shooter. In this variation, the shooter should practice side-stepping the attacker while he is drawing the gun.

    thanks for the info here but this drill proves little.IN #! so we're talking about you having your back turned and having somebody from 21 feet, not 26 feet run away from you? UNREALISTIC proves little, though it may make my point look good. . #2 IS INSANE. back turned you're dead. simple. #3 is how I thought of all of this. face to face.
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    I've just watched a clip on you tube that had a disturbed guy with a knife surrounded by what looked like three or four armed police/sherrifs. They tried to talk him down without success. he looses the plot and takes out one of the cops before the cop can draw his gun. Very interesting, but even though the focus is poor I thought it a bit graphic for a family forum.
    Obviously given better trained cops, with maybe better awareness and the knifeman would have been dropped as soon as he moved. But this one instance certainly disproved the gun is best at range arguement.
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    Cops are in a bad situation no matter what. they cant react like a soldier can. face to face with a knife fighter from 21 feet with no lawsuits or murder charges to worry about I BELIEVE the gun wins. ofcourse if the guy can throw a knife its over. knife throwing is an artform.
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    So when a unit has to go hand to hand they don't fix bayonets. They don't use knives at close quarters? Christ what unit where you in the catering core. I think you watch too many action movies.

    So if JKD has its limitations and it's whole ethos is to be an efficient and effective fighter then why is studying other arts to improve your effectiveness not JKD? Or would you rather rely on a limited arsenal? In your case from reading your recent posts more than likely. Bet you have the yellow jump suit too as a back up system hahahaha!
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    A bullet is an edged weapon fired at high velocity from a mechanical device. Its is but a high speed dagger/knife.
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    Sig worthy :D
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    Nope, nothing really, sorry.
    I just had the feeling that it would be close to impossible for you to find common points, so I was wondering where this thread is going to.
    Of course I did not intend to interrupt your discussion.

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