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  1. BrendanCassidy

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    The idea of being able to instantly..put an object of a part of your body..into any position that

    harmonicly waves with everything..or at least at minimal the holism of your body..or a particular

    a projection is only able to be followed if it is in true alignment with the way the tao te ching says this about this..


    When they lose their sense of awe,
    people turn to religion.
    When they no longer trust themselves,
    they begin to depend upon authority.

    Therefore the Master steps back
    so that people won't be confused.
    He teaches without a teaching,
    so that people will have nothing to learn.

    this means that everything is either conducive to the way or not..such is the thing itself..being described as flow of to show nothing..means the completion of the former thing...and the extinction of the latter thing as a means of nothing or otherwise projection..from the slack of the middle..or mean..thus is justly doubt, and dealt a spiritual blow in deed..because that would be the spirit of the thing..or the totality of spirituality in general..which would be to go with the way it self..which is like an attic or sewer...which is a representation of something we our digesting organs..or otherwise the futile search for the thing itself...idea in exaction is something from the attrition of the self or the suffering of the threshold..that lies between and beneath him and his opponent...which means we must know our very thinking processes..and not just in a gi sitting with a certain type of attack stance for example..

    This is a true call to make everything one with the whole itself...and therefore we find fluid motion!!
  2. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    This is kind of random..but this chapter relates as the idea of wholism..and unitary oppourtunism..


    The Tao is always at ease.
    It overcomes without competing,
    answers without speaking a word,
    arrives without being summoned,
    accomplishes without a plan.

    Its net covers the whole universe.
    And though its meshes are wide,
    it doesn't let a thing slip through.
  3. Hannibal

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    This is the Tao Te Ching .... quite why you are quoting it is not clear from the rest of your text which is a little loosely organized

    Try and Marshall your thoughts a bit and try again

    Bruce was influenced by aspects of Taoism, but even more by Krishnamurti
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  4. aikiMac

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    Brendan, dude, stringing random English words together for an internet post is not cool, and neither is the misuse of the ellipsis.
  5. El Medico

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    I dunno-this kinda stuff seems to sell in T'ai Chi books!
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  6. aikiMac

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    [spews coffee on keyboard] :p Funny!
  7. SCA

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    What's up is down..and down is johnny be good..there is no way..that is the way..look at me..look what i can do..tomato does not go in fruit salad..even though it is a learn to vanquish the angry monkey..and..become super tiger..enter the dragon
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  8. aikiMac

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    Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing to put tomatoes in vegetable salads. :hat:
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  9. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member actually break down jeet kune do..

    there is the knowledge of forms..

    then you practice sparing..

    You flow through the forms you understand..and are wise to the novelty of the situation..
  10. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    Even a post on the internet can be like Jeet kun Do..

    Only if you are creative though?

    But what is something that is not creative?

    probably nothing at all..

    But that indeed is the creative..
    Such is an ex nihilo factory..
  11. Hannibal

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    Talk less train more Brendan
  12. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    Thanks..I follow the train of thought theory...which means you train as much as your train of thought lets you..
  13. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    you can meditate like this and practice martial arts..and even work out..etc
  14. SWC Sifu Ben

    SWC Sifu Ben I am the law

    Shaka when the walls fell
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  15. aikiMac

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    So, to put it more succinctly -- you don't practice any martial art, right?
  16. BrendanCassidy

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    Well it would be word for word...From Bruce Lee...Which just happens to be who I be..or otherwise I am Bruce Lee..

    In'll see it first then believe it..and so all things come from this center...which can be radiated..and Projected...Via the Holographic Universe
  17. Simon

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    Brendan, go and have a lay down.

    If you believe the above you are clueless.

    If you are trolling your stay will be short
  18. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    Ok, I was Bruce Lee...I can indeed manifest his witness at call..?
  19. Hannibal

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    No you aren't

    If you are explain what happened with the monkey that Phoebe told me about
  20. Simon

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    Brendan, c'mon. I'm trying to give you a chance here..

    Your last post is just plain foolish at best

    It can"t go on.

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