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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Combatant, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

    Please post any muay thai links that you think may be of use to us all!

    Any sites with good tecnical info, equipment or just interesting muay thai info. Post em here!

    I'll get the ball roling with this site made by a guy from my town. Only found it last nite but there is loads of info. Got me wondering what else was out there on the net I havnt found yet.
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  4. Khun Kao

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    I actually have over 100 Muay Thai links, but most of them are stored on my PC at work...
  5. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

    Excellent links so far ppl- thankyou! Please keep them coming. I want a selection of the very best links all in one thread. :)
  6. Khun Kao

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  7. Khun Kao

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  8. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member


    Second Nature Kickboxing:

    Extreme Muay Thai:

    Linxx Academy:

    Master Kham:

    Master K:

    Master Quoc Dung (Vietnamese Kickboxing):



    Boston Muay Thai Academy:

    Champion Fight Club:

    Pride Gym:


    Coopers Kickboxing:

    Cork Muay Thai:

    Dragon Muay Thai:

    Duke Roufus Gym:

    East-West Muay Thai Camp:


    George’s Muay Thai:

    Griffon Rawl:

    PetchYinDee Muay Thai:

    International Muay Thai Inc:


    KO Kickboxing:


    Lanna Muay Thai:

    Las Vegas Combat Club:

    Marvin Perry:

    Master Toddy:

    Mike Miles:

    Minnesota Martial Arts Academy:

    Muay Thai Academy International:

    Muay Thai Scorpions:

    Muay Thai Bund Deutschland:

    Cultural Martial Arts Academy:


    Muay Thai Memmigen Gym:

    Vuw Kickboxing:

    Kru Rex:

    Muay Thai in Tunisia:

    Phraya Pichai Muay Thai:

    Polish Muay Thai:

    Princeton Academy:

    Sandy Holts:

    Kru Phil Nurse:

    Ultimate Thai Boxing:


    Slaggskeppet Muay Thai:

    Soksoda Muay Thai:


    Suomen Muay Thai:

    Trident Academy:

    Bangrujan Camp:

    Warehouse Martial Arts:
  9. Khun Kao

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  10. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member

    General Muay Thai Links:

    Muay Thai 2000:

    Choke Muay:

    El Combate (Italian site):

    University of Chicago MT Club:

    Thaing (Bando):

    Dave Tew’s Lanna MT site:


    Muay Thai Books & Media:

    Spry Publishing MT Book:

    King of the Ring Events:

    Independent World MT Rankings:

    Bringel MT Page (Brazil?):

    British Muay Thai:

    Christian’s MT Page:

    Escati Muay Thai link:

    Oregon MT link:

    Martial Way:


    Smart Chai’s MT Database:

    Muay Thai links:

    Thaiboxing 2000:

    Muay Thai general link (Chiang Mai):

    Muay Thai Grasshopper:

    Muay Thai in Phuket:

    Experience Thailand:

    Muay Thai Rules:

    Muay Thai Online:

    Muay Thai Article:

    Muay Thai-JKD Arcticle:

    Muay Thai UK:

    Muay Thai-dot-com:


    Southeast Asian Arts:

    Art of Muay Thai:

    Noble Art of Muay Thai:

    Troy’s Muay Thai Page:

    UK Muay Thai:
  11. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

    WHAOOOOOOOOO! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Khun kao.....I think it is fair to say that you are the man...... I now declare this thread over and done with! :D
  12. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member

    actually, thats not all of my Muay Thai links... LOL
  13. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member

  14. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member

  15. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member

    ok... NOW I'm done. Thats the last of my links. But I am missing the links for instructors like Saeksan Janjira....
  16. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

    Kick your feet up Khun Kao, you my friend have earned yourself a drink! :)

    Im gonna be here all day checking these out. Thanx to everyone for making this such a full thread and if anyone has any different ones then it would still be great to see them.
  17. Apache

    Apache New Member

    This is definately "sticky" material!

    'thumps up'

  18. Dave Tew

    Dave Tew New Member

    Ahhhh HA. Khun Kao, you've missed a very important Muay Thai link.

    But I'll let you off because I only put it online this morning.

    Add that to your bookmarks, boys :D
  19. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member

    LOL, I saw you post that one elsewhere, and was coming to update the list here!


  20. nicolo

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    daaaamn Khunkao, you're like a bookmark machine...

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