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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by EmilM, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. EmilM

    EmilM Valued Member

    Hi all,

    One of my students has a channel on youtube and showcases some of the videos he's made of me. Let me know your thoughts.

    Clash of the Titans demonstration (Leeds, UK):
    [ame=""]Clash of the Titans - urban combat demo - YouTube[/ame]
    Sticky hand drills from JKD and wing chun, trapping, entry techniques, then improvised defence against an attacking opponent,power kicks and JKD burning side kick, also knife and gun disarms.

    Jeet Kune Do Trapping:
    Split-entry techniques/intercepting punches. Also: douple pak sao, bong sao, trappping/backfist/elbow combinations, finger jab, joint locks and various kicks.​

    We're currently working on another JKD trapping video and I think it's going to be much better than this one.

    kind regards, EM
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  2. Emil

    Emil Valued Member

    Welcome to MAP Mr Martirossian (have I spelt that right?). I wasn't aware that you had opened an account here. Looking forward to discussing JKD with you.

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  3. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    Nice work, thanks for sharing!!!
  4. EmilM

    EmilM Valued Member

    Thanks for the comments. I'm working hard to make some more dynamic and explosive videos. I've got some great footage of the lunging (burning) sidekick against the kickshield that I did recently, will be putting that up soon and will also post it here if it is of any interest to anyone.

    Respect to you guys for keeping Bruce Lee's flame alive.

  5. EmilM

    EmilM Valued Member

    Latest Video


    New demo of my martial arts shot very recently, hope you guys like it and/or can offer some ideas for improvement, please let me know what you think.

    Best Wishes,
  6. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    Well, I can't comment much on the technique, but the kids you use in your vids didn't look very enthusiastic. It looked like they would just sort of stick their arms out and then close their eyes and cower in fear.
  7. EmilM

    EmilM Valued Member

    There was only one young man shown in the previous video, who is actually 20 years old. The first and very last part of the video is just to demonstrate the versatility and countless variations you can apply when trapping your opponent, hence why the young man in the video makes an effort to react to each hit (for aesthetic effect).

    The second part, from 2.12 onwards, does show me applying these same principles on much older people, some even taller, who did make an effort to resist as much as they could. Please take into account the context this video was shot in as well, in a classroom whilst I was actually teaching students, and not in a back alley fighting muggers.

    I do find it difficult to find people taller than me, I'm 6'2, who are also willing to hold the kickshield. Hence why I ended up with smaller people holding the pad. Though the person holding the pad for my sidekick is a middle-aged, well built martial artist. To avoid the perception that I was trying to make my kicks look stronger than they actually were by using a "weaker" or "younger" pad holder, I do demonstrate the same techniques on a 70lb punch bag beforehand which, if it were not for the cieling being in the way, may have almost performed a 360 degree rotation.

    If you refer to my first video at the top of the page (Clash of the titans demonstration), you will see me applying the sidekick on a much bigger bloke (just above my height) halfway into the video. The gentleman is a 2nd degree taekwondo blackbelt and good friend of mine.

    But if it does not look real enough to you then I shall make a better effort come the next video I produce. Thank you for your comments.
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  8. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    I think the videos are very good looking. There is plenty of flash and dash there. I see some things in those videos that my coach uses, though he doesn't teach and drill us on most of the maiming techniques you show in those videos. They are reserved for people that he knows and trusts. I personally believe in the JKD concepts stuff but I can see where this stuff has value too.
  9. EmilM

    EmilM Valued Member

    I apprecciate you guys taking the time to watch my videos. I know there's no substitution for meeting people face to face and training with one another, but I hope these videos are at least a small insight into what I do. I am still learning so much however, there are some real experts out there who are totally beyond me, and again I owe my thanks to you guys and this forum for giving me the oppurtunity to let people see my some of my martial arts if they so wish. Cheers peeps.
  10. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    I think you're reading more into my comment than was intended. You seem like a capable guy and I enjoyed the videos overall. I just don't personally get a lot out of the later videos you posted with the one steps where the kid would swing at you lazily and then get pummeled while he seemed to close his eyes and cower. The first demo, at the clash of the titans, was much better, imo.

    But as I said, don't read any more into this. Shoot, if I made a demo video, it would be very boring, indeed. I'm not the most dynamic guy around. :)
  11. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    I personally don't believe that any demo really shows a persons skill without some kind of non compliant work - drills or sparring (preferably sparring). Chi Sao and Push Hands don't really do it for me. I'm talking about something really combative. That's where the rubber meets the road in my opinion.
  12. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    these drills embed certain neurological responses that you can't develop without'em
  13. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    I just don't know anything about the Jun Fan stuff.
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  14. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    definately check into it my friend

    it's so nice to tangle people up like a pretzel!!
  15. Sandy

    Sandy Valued Member


    Hi Emil,

    Welcome to MAP! Great to have you here.

    All the best
  16. EmilM

    EmilM Valued Member

  17. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Very powerful.
  18. The Furious One

    The Furious One Valued Member

    Guy kinda fell into the crash mat at the last moment, how heavy was that bag?

    Saw you walking about at Seni but didnt get a chance to see your demonstration hope it went well.
  19. EmilM

    EmilM Valued Member

  20. gj5940

    gj5940 Valued Member

    Nice vid, like your philosphy on politics in martial arts, unfortunately there is ton's of it in the JKD section on this site. Everytime I read I get upset with the arguements between original and concepts, it has made JKD almost unbearable to talk about lol welcome and keep up your hard work!!

    Sifu Gary J

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