need low roundhouse clarification please

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by chip, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. chip

    chip New Member

    i have a question about the impact point for the lowroundhouse kick. many people use many analogies, and i got a bit confused.

    1. extending the foot - if i was layingflat on my back, would my toes be pulled up towards me, pointing at the ceiling, or would they point away from me?

    2. also, i've read in different posts as different sites as to using the in-step of the foot and the shin as a contact point. is that similar to an inside crescent kick, except using the shin insted of the top of the foot?

    thanx for the assistance!
  2. AsSaSiN

    AsSaSiN New Member

    First off, it doesnt matter which way your foot points, its a matter of preference. I keep mine however it is, if i try to put it in a certain direction i spend too much time thinking on how im gonna kick, and loose all my power and speed. Second off, Imagineu r lying on ure back, and u look down ure body to ure feet. Imagine a vertical arrow pointing up from ure shin - thats where u hit, just above the ankle, on the front.
  3. pug32

    pug32 Valued Member

    think of it from a practical perspectivewould you rather hit with the small bones in your foot (yeah like a crescent kick) or the heavy shin bone. the best roundhouse to my belief is the thai round house and it doesn't matter where you aim it, crescent kicks score points, thai kicks put opponents on the deck :D

    The best description i read is that it's the same as swinging a baseball bat. Stand in front of a bag and try a couple of practice swings with an imaginary bat, then let you leg follow the bats path. The main ponit of this is that the torso twist starts then the leg follows, your foot should point away from you should hit with your shin as it is stronger. As with any strike hit throught the target so if you are aiming at the leg with a low shot raise the knee of the leg you are striking with start that bat swinging motion with the hips then hit the shin through, let the weight of the leg fall through at the beginning then speed it up

    hope that helps
  4. chip

    chip New Member

    sorry, but i'm still unclear -
    when you reach impact, with the dead leg, are your toes pointing up, or are they turned to be parallel to the ground
  5. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    You're talking about the final impact of your kicking
    leg upon your adversaries thigh, or wherever on their leg?
    If you are, then the answer is 'Parallel to the Ground'. You've turned the hip over, the supporting foot/leg has turned considerably and your shin has struck a sweet spot. Possibly you are confused because there are many variations of Roundhouse styles kicks in the Thai systems. Perhaps you were comparing the Parallel Roundhouse Kick-90 degrees (Low medium or High), to the 45 degree Angle kick, which is the Roundhouse style kick that doesn't carry on through if you miss. The forty five degree angle kick usually slips under the guard to strike the ribs, and the foot is-you guessed it at a Forty five degree Angle, so looks near vertical. Unlike the Roundhouse where the foot is roughly parrallel to the floor, Ninety or more degrees when it impacts. I hope that this has helped and that I understood you correctly. Good Luck.
  6. chip

    chip New Member

    thanks for clearing that up.

    could you tell me about the other kick (i believe it's the 90 degree kick)?
  7. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Ah So Chip,
    My reply did make some kind of sense.
    A 90 Degree kick is a standard Muay Thai roundhouse that is cutting through the target at, you guessed it-90 degrees. The Foot is roughly parallel to the ground, striking with the shin, except when it's thrown very high, then you'll have to except that the instep will strike as well as the shin.

    If you miss with the Standard Roundhouse (Heavens that such a thing should happen!) your leg carries on through and you turn all the way around (Turn by natural motion and not spin like an ice skater).

    Try sticking your elbow out as you turn, if you miss with the kick. Ie If you have thrown a Right Roundhouse and missed, as you turn, lash out with your left elbow. You might connect with the spinning elbow, if your adversary thinks that your miss is their cue to pile in with counterpunches and remember to keep your guard up at all times.

    Any decent book or video will show you the finer points of these techniques, as it's difficult to explain so well in writing.
    But anyway, hope that helps. Good Luck and try not to get knee'ed in the head...
  8. nicolo

    nicolo Valued Member

    Chip it depends if your hip is turned over or not. If it's turned all the way over and your leg is swinging over like a pendulum, you will probably have your foot either sideways parallel to the floor or chopping back down into the floor. If your kick is traveling upwards to the head, it may be turned slightly upwards.
    I personally like to hook my foot instead of having it extended so I can snag the head or the leg.

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