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  1. AsSaSiN

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    Can anyone guide me through their own methods of spinning footwork? I mean as in a spinning backfist / elbow from orthodox stance, Clocwise or anti-clockwise. Could you explain where to place your feet, and how the body should turn. As i currently see it, it's much quicker to do a clockwise spinning technique than an anticlowise technique.
  2. Patrick Bateman

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    Dude, obviously the quickest way to turn is determined by your stance, orthodox or southpaw. Orthodox will be a clockwise turn and vice versa for southpaw.

    To throw the technique, i like to move my front foot about six to ten inches around in the circle in the direction your gonna turn to help with power and direction, stepping slightly toward their rear leg, only a small distance toward though. I mask this step with front foot movement, can do a fake front leg low kick, turning it into the step, hopefully drawing a blocking movement out to a low kick opening up the high line. Or just mix it in with the front foot tap.

    I like to do it all as 1, step slightly before the upper body twist and head whip, only a fraction of a second though, bringing the elbow round. Spinning on the front foot, ending up with the heel facing them.

    I wouldnt personally try the other spinning elbow, purely and simply because it will take to long to intiate and carry out leaving you open for too long.
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    Yeah, i mentioned orthodox stance when i posted. Thats pretty much how i would do it, i have seen fighters like Rick Roufous sidestep to the right (when in orthodox) to cover up the front foot movement. What do you do with your rear leg? I usually lift it up then spinning, so my legs dont cross and limit body rotation.
  4. Patrick Bateman

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    I just drag it along, when i twist it comes too!!! Just allow the natural tension in my body bring it along, coming up onto the toes at the point of impact. I dont personally like to lift my foot as i feel a little vulnerable with turning at the same time.
  5. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

    I have also wondered about this myself. At the moment all my power comes from my upper body but I know thats just not right. So my footwork needs help too.
  6. BangkokBabay

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    HI Combatant!

    How is your weight distribution coming along? As you also said footwork is very important. I also would recommend dropping your weight into your hip, this should balance you fairly well and assist with throwing some more power in your kicks. I saw you placed this post quite some time ago, I would be curious in hearing what has been working for you! :Angel:

    When you have a chance please let me know!

    Kupkoonka! :)
  7. nicolo

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    if you and your opponent are facing one another, both of you using left leg lead stances:

    1) take your left leg and step across and plant it slightly past and to the outside of your opponent's left foot. Keep your right foot pivoted on the ground.
    2) twist your body to the right (clockwise) and using your right elbow, bring it up and spike it up and backwards in an arcing motion. If done properly, the point of the elbow should crash directly into your opponent's face/head area (depending on where you are striking it could be his body as well, or depending on how tall he is).

    you do the counterclockwise method if you were southpaw (right leg forward). You should practice both because in a fight you might end up in unfamiliar stances.

    A spinning elbow is quicker, more penetrating and more damaging than a backfist. You can use that to smash through your opponent's upper defenses. Best used in situations where the opponent steps in or charges in too close leaving the head open.

    Practice the motion so your body and elbow whips around in a smooth fluid motion. You should "spring" back to your original stance after the technique. Better yet to follow up with another technique after it:

    i.e. spinning back elbow, quickly spin back around to a right roundhouse to body.
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