The dream came true! Joined today Muay-thai!

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by cioGium, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Guy Mendiola

    Guy Mendiola New Member

    Hey congradulations and good luck in your Muay Thai training.
  2. cioGium

    cioGium New Member

    :Alien: I am getting a bit tired! The MAN showed up! The training program is now every day. And if i went 250 km to my first muay-thai gym this time the gym is two streets away- 2 min walk!!! :woo:
    I'll go to sleep now. Tell you more about it tomorw after training!
  3. toothpaste100

    toothpaste100 Banned In 60 Seconds

    So that gym was there all this time and you didn't know about it :p ?
  4. cioGium

    cioGium New Member

    The gym is right in his house. And all this time his was living so close to me and i never knew it.
    One room in his house is tappeted with mats, 2 wall mounts lot's of thai pads. Lot's of pictures on the walls. His martial art background is in pictures. He started with kyokushin karate, then entered Kick-boxing and from 85 until know muay-thai. He was the Muay-Thai Champion of Turkye in 1992.
    He is a very nice guy.
    I hope that the trainig will be permanent from know on. The program is very flexible. In that room can train 4 people- so we go at different times during the day. He stays home all the time: i go every day in the morning, others go in the evening and some in the afternoon. I will keep up with my boxing training aswell.
    I will let you know what happens next!
    Good luck in your training!
    Tonight i start bridging again! :D

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