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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Gray, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor

    No you don't.

    Actually, I think this thread has proved that you would be taken more seriously if you weren't calling yourself the grandmaster.

    If you're not old enough to have grandchildren, you haven't experienced enough to be a grandmaster.

    Baby Buddha cries.


    You're making my brain hurt.

    Are you sure you're not a troll?
  2. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter


    *your very first clue as to how seriously it's being taken. :D
  3. Skrom

    Skrom Banned Banned

    if this thread were in general discussion, it would probably have at least twice as many posts by now...funny, but i'm pretty convinced this guy's a troll.
  4. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor

    Good question...
  5. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor


    I'm enlisting.
  6. MagikMike05

    MagikMike05 New Member

    i dont have a link, but watch bruce lee documentarys, they show clips of his exhibitions on hong kong roof tops, and some of his demo's show his real speed. saying bruce lee was just a movie star and not a real martial artist with very serious skill is just ill informed.
  7. Angelus

    Angelus Waiting for summer :D

    Bruce is good and all but hes no where near the BEST....CUZ THIS GUY IS :D
    Bruce vs. Yoda.......Bruce get pwned
  8. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    I will say this. If you want to get respect as a grandmaster on MAP you need to register here: Then we'll believe you're the real deal.
  9. Doublejab

    Doublejab formally Snoop

    Black sash 5th degree? Whatever. Grades in the vast majority of MAs (Judo and BJJ aside) have been added, changed and diluted that an 'unknown' grade is meaningless. A sash or belt is there to hold your trousers up, a cliche but nowadays its true more than at any other time. In China theres were no grade in most schools untill relitively recently, its a modern money making idea.

    To call yourself a 'grandmaster' at 27 years of age is ridiculous.
  10. inosanto1

    inosanto1 Valued Member

    count me in
  11. inosanto1

    inosanto1 Valued Member

    you become a master/grand master when you reach a level of training that is unrivaled and you keep that consistancy to your eventual death, MA is a lifelong trip an should be treatd as such :woo:
  12. dormindo

    dormindo Active Member Supporter

  13. inosanto1

    inosanto1 Valued Member

    right on my friend :woo:
  14. TigerKai

    TigerKai Valued Member

    I mean no disrespect to others with a title. I assumed a founder of a system is considered 'grandmaster' of that system. That is what I was led to believe from my initial research. I get no extra pleasure from being known as grandmaster or master or Sifu or (my first name). What really matters is the quality of my style and instruction, right? And that is reflected by the quality of my students. I just wanted to set the system up correctly. So if I'm not technically a grandmaster how should I do this if I want it to be right? I have a detailed weekly lesson plan that leads the student to third level black sash.

    According to the bushido site a grandmaster has to be 35yrs old, so I would be master, correct? I didn't think age was an issue with being grandmaster before. Would you have considered Bruce Lee a grandmaster? Or consider Jeet Kune Do an actual system? That is how every style started and developed. Someone branched off from TCM and made their own. Why can't I? because I'm not Bruce Lee? because I'm American? because it's 2006?

    I try to be a very nice guy and am very enlightened compared to how I used to be because of my training. I would help anyone in need and I'm a very patient teacher. I don't know what you mean by troll. What is a troll?

    I don't care about belts either, but it is important when dealing with larger classes that they can identify the sifu in a large room and it allows me to know what skill levels I'm dealing with (or what their skill should be at that level)

    Tournaments consider you black belt level if you have four or more years of training. This is a way of breaking through all of the differences between belt and sash color differences.
  15. LordofAnime+DND

    LordofAnime+DND New Member

    Stop using it in your signature then.

    That's commendable. Go fight a lot of good fighters and train students that fight good fighters and win. Record evidence Don't see how that could possibly go wrong.

    Bruce isn't considered a grandmaster. Has no verifiable fight record for one thing, another being of course...he died when he was 32.

    It's not a martial arts systems. It is a set of ideas about how you should train.

    What are you talking about? Second thoughts forget I asked.

    Enlightened people don't tell people they are enlightened...perhaps the next step on your path is humility.
  16. TigerKai

    TigerKai Valued Member

    I said compared to how I used to be
  17. Nevada_MO_Guy

    Nevada_MO_Guy Missouri_Karate_Guy

    I don't think this is's real :rolleyes:
  18. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    NEvada you know thats not Bruce Lee though right?
  19. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Taking your time spent in the MA's into account and using the general rule of thumb for ranking someone in any MA system lets look at how high in the ranks you could get in most MA systems, assuming your on time, passed every grade (bearing in mind 99% fail at least one grade along the line)

    The average system takes between 3 to 4 years to get to black belt, assuming that you are training the majority of the week, longer for part timers.

    Now from first grade black this takes about 2 years.
    From 2nd to 3rd takes 3 more years
    from 3rd to 4th 4 more years
    4th to 5th 5 more years

    We are now on 17 years of training and teaching so by most peoples account you should be 4th.

    Now most systems do not consider anyone to be a Master until they have been training in any one art for a minimum of 20 years and be over the age of 40, Most stsytems do not consider anyone to be a Grand Master until they have spent a minimum of 30 years training and teaching in any one art and to be over the age of 50.

    Call yourself Sifu or Guro or simply teacher. It may be your own system but that does not make you a Grand Masters and you certainly have not been training long enough to attain the rank of 10th Grade Black Sash in anything barring a McDojo.

    Put it this way, I have been training for over 30 years, I am 45 years old and I would be embarrassed to call myself Grand Master, or even 10th Grade Black Belt.

    If you are going to put yourself up on a pedastal you better be prepared to have the skills to prove everyone wrong, and tournaments are not the proving grounds of Masters and Grand Masters, tournaments are just for fun, they are sports version of the arts. The only reason they say they consider people to be of a Black Belt level after 4 years, is not to give out the rank of black belt, they are by no means offering you a grade, they are just covering there backs for those competitors who deliberately stay at say yellow belt level in order to dominate a division at the event. They are assuming that if anyone has been training and competing in the MA's for that length of time, it would be safe to assume they are at least of black belt level.

    Your intentions may be good, but for people to take you seriously you need to be more realistic with both your titles and ranks.

    Best regards

  20. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    That about sums it up completely.
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