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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Obi-Wan, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Obi-Wan

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    Hello, I was just wondering whether anybody had trained with or had views on Master Sken?

  2. alekto

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    Master Sken was a real forerunner to todays Muay Thai scene, he came over from Thailand armed with years of TKD expereince and a little Muay Thai knowledge, he originally started Tae Boxing sometime ago.

    One of his original students was Tony Moore and the two pushed the art forward in this country, until they had a fall out and Tony moved onto form the British Thai Boxing Council, he is very well respected and the highest graded Krabi Krabong practioneer outside of Thailand and spends many weeks at the Budhai Swan insitute.

    Sken has continued to train his students under his own Sitnarong organisation - he successes have included Sandy Holt, Oliver and Humpherey Harrison, etc.

    He style is quite flashy and shows a lot of TKD in it, the fitness side is very high and very important. He has been involved in film work and stunt work.

    On the business side, I have heard rumours of him ripping many people off....but as I have not experienced this myself I would take it with a pinch of salt.

    Depending where you live there are lots of choices in Muay Thai
  3. DB1

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    When you say M Sken has been accused of ripping people off are you talking about things like Memberships and stuff or something more serious?
    This concerns me as I was considering training under him until I hear of this.


  4. Pestlett

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    'Master' Sken, this is one debate thats never gonna end. My mate trainned at a Master Sken Camp and he left his precious Sken to join my camp. Why? because he realised that Sken isn't really a Muay Thai fighter, and no he wasnt chased out of Thailand by Thugs who threatened to kill him.
    If Sken is really a master and has won so many fights with no losses, where is the proof? If he was so great wouldn't he have been fighting in Lumpinee against fighters such as Diesel Noi (dunno how old Sken is so just picked a well known fighter) and have won him. Surely something big like this would have been recorded. How come he has no Photographic evidence of his fights? I find it hard to beliveve he has had 200+ fights and not one photo was taken. The only thing Sken did was bring Muay Thai to the UK and for that I thank him, but really he is no 'Master' of Muay Thai and does not deserve the title.
  5. pamplonica

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    Pestlett, despite what rumors exist about M.Sken prior to him coming to the UK, the fact still remains he has taught, lived and breathed Muay Thai for the last 26years (and that is well documented) as well as working alongside the likes of M.Toddy etc for many of those formative years. He has produced recognised Muay Thai fighters here in the UK and "is" respected in Thailand.

    These creditials alone for me is enough for him to have the title "Master", is all my years in the martial arts (20+) I have found many people calling themselves "Master, or Grandmaster" whose exploits during the last 26 years are not as well documented.

    Finally still at the age of 48 years old he still practices what he preaches (which to me is of the most importance)......he still gives demonstrations of skill, power, timing, distancing and flexibility that most martial art practioners dream of attaining.

    He is a true "Master".
  6. Khun Kao

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    I've heard conflicting reports regarding Master Sken myself, but I only know what I have seen. I have worked out with a few people who trained under him, and have seen fighters produced under his system (not *directly* trained by Master Sken), and the Muay Thai is authentic and effective, though I agree that it leans towards the flashy side.

    A few points to bear in mind is that not everyone is going to have photographs of their fights. My instructor, Master Kumron "K" Vaitayanonta fought 75 times and has only ONE poor quality photograph of his fighting. All other photographs of him are from after he officially retired from the ring. (exhibition fights and such)

    Another thing to remember is that Thai's do not fight under their given name. They adopt an assumed name, a FIGHT name or RING name. They are also more commonly remembered by their ring "nicknames" than by their FIGHT names.

    For instance....

    Kumron Vaitayonta (my instructors given name)
    Suriya Sak Suree (his RING name)
    I Sawk Kwan (his NICKNAME)
    Mister K and/or Master K (how he is known outside of Thailand)

    You can imagine the confusion. If you talk to a Thai person who was a fight fan back when my instructor was actively competing, he or she would -probably- never have heard of Kumron Vaitayanonta. However, if you ask about "Suriya Sak Suree" or even "I Sawk Kwan", then they may remember who you are talking about. If you mention "Master K", they will DEFINATELY never have heard of him.

    The same may very well be true for other instructors, such as Master Sken. What is his given Thai name? Even with that information, most Thai people would probably not associate his given name with a fighter. You will need to know what his RING NAME was, and possibly even his NICKNAME (if he had one). You ask a Thai person about Master Sken, and they will rightly ask you, "Who???"

    That being said, I know next to nothing about Master Sken's background.

    Khun Kao
  7. cbsj4

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    Master Sken

    Hi Guys,
    I trained with Master Sken In 79 -81 to coaching level with the likes of William Luke Sandy Alan, this was at the Deansgate gym We trained along side Master Toddy's Gym with names like Ronnie who needs no introduction. I'm sure if you asked him he'd say Master Sken was the real deal. I'm not denying he was influenced by te-kwon-do but so was Master Toddy having 5th degree and Master Sken 4th degree. If you watched or trained with them both they (Master's Sken and Toddy) both were influenced, so are you saying Master Toddy wasn't a Thai Boxing Master as well!
    Regarding his so called ripping people off. Master Sken would train potential fighters for nothing, his main aim wasn't to make money, he taught for the the love of the sport.
    If you ever were on the receiving end of a kick or knee I doubt you would be making these daft remarks.
    If Master Sken hadn't been as good at coaching Thai Boxing as he his this country wouldn't have the good solid Thai boxing community . Ask people like Geoff Thompson, I'm sure he'd say he was a true thai boxing master.
    I could go on but those who know him know he is a well respeceted THAI BOXING MASTER.

  8. pocketwarrior

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    In April 2002 I went to Seni at the Birmingham NEC and booked in for a M. Sken seminar along with about ten or so other people (some of whom had travelled a huge distance purely just for this seminar). Anyway about 15 mins before it was due to start a bloke comes in to say that M.Sken has just phoned to say that he is stuck in traffic in manchester and can't make it. . .

    I thought he showed a lack of respect by not giving any form of advance warning and felt that he just really could't be bothered to turn up. Like I said some people travelled really far just to train with him, how disappointed would you be?

    In the end Bob Breen did a seminar with us which was still pretty good (except when he used me to demonstrate some elbow strikes)....
  9. Ad McG

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    I was just gonna ask about master sken because I know a girl who is starting there. What is his rank exactly, anybody know?!?
  10. nicolo

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    I train at Lugsitnarong under Phil Nurse and he's a disciple of Master Sken. Seems pretty level-headed to me but I don't know him too well to make a good judgement.
  11. YODA

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    I met Phil a few times - years ago when he was teaching here in England. Awesome guy!
  12. nicolo

    nicolo Valued Member

    oh yeah great great guy. *ahem* I'm required to say that lest he catch me in a lie *ahem*. :rolleyes:
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  13. Sandy

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    In the eighties I did some training with one of Master Sken's students (who was European champ in his weight). Master Sken certainly seemed the real deal to me.
  14. Sagat

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    Hey Nicolo. I just joined Lugsitnarong about a month ago. I went to a total beginner's class today and we did clinch work. It was my first time and my neck is killing me! Are you in the advanced classes? Well, see you around.
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  16. Frank ellul

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    I have known GM Sken for several years, his pedigree as a trainer and coach of great fighters is without doubt the best in the UK. He has said in an open seminar that he never fought in Thailand and makes no such claim to my knowledge. The proof of the pudding is in his students and they are of the highest calibre for sure. Don’t listen to the hearsay on this thread, go and train with him and make your own mind up.
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    Holy 17 year thread Necro Batman!
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