Western thaiboxing vs muay thai in Thailand?

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Adam, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. Adam

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    With MT becoming a mainstream art in western society, what changes have been made to it due to the influence of western arts, such as boxing? I heard that the MT you'd find in Thailand has less emphasis on hand strikes than what western MT gyms teach. Can anybody who has experienced thai fighters or trained in Thailand elaborate on this?
  2. Grifter

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    My instructor was born and trained and fought in Thailand before moving here. He seems to train hands a lot more that kicks, not that those get negelcted though.
    Note I was only in there for a month, but thats how it was while I was there.
  3. RAB

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    Western MT and MT could be theorized by interpretation as in the case of western rules vs. international rules of kickboxing. MT is more stylized with skill and where as WMT focuses KO’s. With this said MT power strikes are the knees and elbows where as hands are used for defend or offensive grabbing. However, this is not necessary true either. MT originated from an older fighting art. Therefore, MT has more depth than that which is displayed on TV.
  4. Andy Murray

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    We need Dave Tew on this.

    Lemme give him a nudge.
  5. Khun Kao

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    Though the statement that MT in Thailand favors hands less than Western MT, this is just a stereotype. Like all stereotypes, it is often true, but not exclusively. There are a number of Thai Boxing Camps in Thailand that specialize in punching.

    Though the gym no longer exists, Muangsurin was one such gym.

    But you only have to look at some of the elite MT fighters that Thailand has produced to see that Boxing is a very important (not neglected as some people believe) facet of Muay Thai.


    Samson Eesan

    Samart Pankayoon (sp?)

    Rambah M16

    The Galaxy Brothers

    Nanfah (R.I.P.)

    All of the above fighters excelled in both Muay Thai AND Boxing. Also, you need to remember that many, many Thai's start off in Muay Thai as a method to catapault them into the world of Boxing, where the REAL money is! Even though Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, the money in Western Boxing is better. Many Thai's start training in Muay Thai to learn and perfect their craft before switching to straight boxing.

    Its hard to say the true differences between Thai MT and Western MT. As someone mentioned, Thai MT is more "stylized", whereas Western MT seems to focus more on the KO. I believe that this is another "stereotype"... it is often true, but not always. One thing that makes me agree with the stereotype is that when you watch Thai MT, there is a much greater emphasis placed on the rhythm of the fight. The fight often looks like a very complex (and painful! LOL) dance. In Western MT, the fights look more like.... well... a fight. LOL
  6. MuayThaiGuy

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    I just wanted to post my (limited) take on this. I have about a dozen Thai fights taped off of Thai TV (there's a guy on Ebay who sells them on VCD for a reasonable price). In these fights, the Thais did do quite a lot of boxing. They may have kicked a bit more than in MT fights I've seen stateside, but only a little. I think this might only be because the Thai fighters tend to be smaller than western fighters, and it takes a lot less energy to whip their smaller legs over and over again.

    Of course, there's something to be said for big legs, mine resemble turkey drumsticks and weigh 40-50 pounds each. How'd you like that swinging at your head/floating ribs/legs? :D

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