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    Chu Shong Tin - Wing Chun

    Hi, members of this forum,

    I am William Lai. I am a Wing Chun practitioner training students in Sheffield, UK. I am Grand Master Chu Shong Tin's only disciple who train students in Europe.

    One of my students who contributed an article to this forum about Wing Chun and he mentioned me at this forum. Consequent to this, it leads to the question whether or not a gentleman named "Ting Kwok Wai" is my Sifu's Chu Shong Tin's student.

    I have checked with my Si-jut Susana Ho in Australia regarding this gentleman. Her reply was: a person claimed as Sifu Ting's student wrote to her a year ago enquiring whether or not she was happy to include his Sifu's name and school in my Sifu's web page in Susana's website. Since she did not know this gentleman then she asked her Grand Master regarding this person. My Sifu said he did train with him for a brief period only (Ting did not train long) so my Sifu did not suggest to include his details in Susana's website."

    If Sifu Ting Kwok Wai did train with my Sifu for over five years and he had completed the training. I would suggest him to contact my Sifu directly to obtain his approval for listing in his page.

    If there is any one like to know more about my Sifu and his approved list of students qualified to train please visit Susana's website at From there you will see an icon CHU SHONG TIN, You click it and it will take you to my Sifu's page. If you click an icon Associated School and you will find a list of my Sifu's students training in different part of the world.

    You can also visit my websites at or From there you will know more about my school in UK. by the way my sites are still in progress.

    I trust the foregoing answer the question about Sifu Ting Kwok Wai. If anyone wants to contact me please visit my sites.

    Sifu William Lai
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    Thanks for the clarification William - and welcome to MAP - I hope to stay and contribute more to our community :D
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    Chu Shong Tin - Wing Chun

    Hi, members of this forum,

    Further to my article about Ting Kowk Wai. Please note that my Sifu Chu Shong Tin is the third student of Yip Man. He is one of the most senior masters in the world. Grand Master Yip Man's two sons are my Sifu's Si-dais (junoir kung fu brothers).

    Sifu William Lai
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  5. Morgs

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    JKD Definately

    I vote JKD, check out, Morne is a very practical and awesome JKD street fighting coach. They also have long distance training programmes.

    Basically if you want to learn how to fight, keep fit and not bother about rituals and traditions, go for JKD, it's less politics and more training. You will train against all different types of partners, giving you resistance, so you will soon realise what works and what dosen't. Basically our training focuses on Kick/Thai boxing, clinching, grappling, stick and knife fighting and all of these focus on a street enviroment and not a class room enviroment.

    I'm not trashing Wing Chun at all, and i'm sure it's very exciting for some people, but i personally prefer the relaxed, friendly and street orientated training that JKD can give you.

    Marc Morgan
    London Training Group Leader
    JKD High Performance Street Fighting
  6. inosanto1

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    hi, if you are training with dave as you have stated, then i think you should stick with him, he is one of the best in the country and one of the most repected. the thing about jkd is that it covers a wider spectrum of techniques than wing chun, although there is nothing wrong with wing chun and it is effective, i would state though that much of the wing chun system is at the art of jkd, so by training with dave you are essentially getting the best of both worlds
  7. William Lai

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    Wing Chun or JKD, it is a personal choice!!!

    My Si-suk, "Bruce Lee" used the blue print of Wing Chun to develop JKD. Obviously, JKD has its good features otherwise it will not survive since Bruce died. It is a shame he died so early otherwise he would have contributed much more to the martial art world.

    I do not know much about JKD so I can only share my experience and philiosophy in Wing Chun under my Sifu's training. We emphasis in proper structure, relaxation, diversion and inner power. It meets with the 3Es that is economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

    Anyone wants to know more about the system of Wing Chun is welcome to visit my sites and and my link-sites. My Sifu has written articles regarding this system and these are posted at my Si-jut's site both in Chinese and English.

    At the end of the day, it is a personal choice which art suits that particular person. There were many students dropped out from my class because they found it difficult to cope with my training requirement.

    Sifu William Lai
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    i agree, Bruce did use Wing Chun as the blueprint for JKD, and Wing Chun is a very effective system in it's own right, i have followed Master James Sinclair and have been told by such exponents of JKD as Rick young that he is very good in his field and should be trained with. Bruce also found the weaknesses in the system as do many systems, and thus modified it to work for him, i would also state that without Bruce and JKD, Wing Chun would probably not be as well known. if you have never tried JKD, go along to a session and try it, you may be surprised, and many that go drop out because of what is asked of them.
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    Forum members,

    I have been studying Wing Chun under Ting Kwok Wai in the Northern Ireland Wing Chun Kung Fu Association for over ten years. I have recently returned from training with Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong. I can verify that my Sifu Ting Kwok Wai was a direct student of Chu Shong Tin and completed the system under his tuition. For reference please refer to the Ip man ving stun (wing chun) genealogy book. Ting Kwok Wai's name is clearly under Chu Shong Tin's lineage for completing the system. Ting Kwok Wai is still in contact with his Sifu Chu Shong Tin. For my last visit to Hong Kong (of which there have been four), Ting personally phoned Chu Shong Tin to verify that myself and two others were going to train in his class. I personally know of other NIWCKFA members that have trained with Chu Shong Tin (our Si Gung) with letters from Sifu Ting. From Sifu Ting's memory there was at one stage another student of Chu Shong Tin teaching in Scotland, however I have no further information on this.

    I hope this has helped to clear up any issues of Chu Shong Tin students teaching in the U.K. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Many Thanks
  10. focused_rage

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    J.K.D. will open a vast world of martial arts and bring you true insight on how to find flaws in any opponents fighting style and teach you to exploit them.

    i have spent a lifetime in J.K.D. the training is harsh the sparing is full contact J.K.D. will teach you how to dominate in any situation.
    one of the best things of they teach you to embrace what works best for you and to prefect your weakest areas.
    stick to it and you will never regret it, for one if you decide you like one of the various arts taught in J.K.D. a good instructor will show you down that path for me it was escrima and i tell you one thing i completely believe, you give me 2 escrima sticks and 10 angry men in a small confined space and i will be the only one you see walking out.

    but thats my ego lol.

    all together if you want to be a great fighter J.K.D. is by far the best choice when considering most arts, why?,

    well first:
    the training first you will learn a couple basic techniques then be asked to apply them in a "boxing style" sparing match with an opponent actually attacking you,
    by this proses you learn what works for you and what don't.
    this is the type of training you will experience on a daily basses, so expect bumps and bruising even the occasional broken nose, and for the safety of keeping doctor bills low if you feel some one has you in a lock you cant get out of with out a broken limb remember to tap out...... lol .

    and number two:
    In time you will love what jkd brings you. And the new family you will have will be like no other, people that will forever back you in anything from a fight to hard times.
    In jkd you wont find ridicule for religious backgrounds, no politics and a completely open environment that any and all questions are welcome, instructors who will back you in the study of other arts and welcome the blending of them to fit the style that works best for you.

    In jkd nothing is based on the hope of reaction from an opponent instead the training pushes realistic situations instead of things like how just cause you kick a man in his junk means hes going down and just cause you strike him his head his head will turn.
    Thats what i seem to find a lot of other arts (not all) teach this is false some people don't react at all, some people are under the influence of alcohol/drugs, some are just plain tough and can take a hit, some people will jump you with a group of 3 or more and some people will "sucker punch" you.
    jkd will teach you to handle situations like this with simple techniques like how to use peripheral vision cause your body will react faster if your brain isn't overworked by thinking about and/or intimidated by the opponent.

    W.C. is a great art and can be found in so much of J.K.D.,
    W.C. may be even best to take before J.K.D. perhaps it will help you excel faster in J.K.D. and understand the principles behind J.K.D..

    Personally i say take them both if you can even if you train every day push that limit and i promise you will be satisfied with the end results!
    J.K.D. has very hard training and at times you may want to give up but don't the system is built tough to make you tough, confident and smart in a real fight against any one any style or even none at all its a combat enabled fighting system based on the philosophy of forever changing and evolving toward perfection.

    i know im late...
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    This thread is from 7 years ago. I think that might be a record for thread necromancy.
  12. focused_rage

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    lol perhaps but i thought it might help any one looking later on.

    i posted just so they can get a idea of what to expect from the JKD system when starting out and to give another opinion from a JKD practitioner it was a little out numbered.
  13. Simon

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    I think you are looking at JKD through rose coloured spectacles.
  14. focused_rage

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    lol well just short of 20 years in i doubt that.
  15. Sheever

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    nice to see you.hope U ll drop some experiences here:)
  16. Hannibal

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    I think you'll find Simon means that whatever the principles YOU have enfolded for your JKD, many more will disagree almost to the point of calling you a liar and a fraud.

    Like every art some practitioners are good, some bad and some ****in awful

    JKD is by far the most fragmented and bitchy martial arts community......Well outside of Ninjutsu - we can't hold a candle to those guys but we are catching up!
  17. focused_rage

    focused_rage Valued Member

    lol true
    i cant argue that, but thats the point of JKD and depends largely on ones instructor if they are being taught there teachers JKD or shown how to make it there own.

    Lee said him self every ones truth is there own, this makes room for a lot of debate, but i have been to a few seminar's on JKD down in L.A. and i trust what Dan Inosanto said at each of them and payed for 4 of his classes back in 98 or so, costly but worth it.
  18. Simon

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    I mean no disrespect, I've done my time in JKD and it forms a large part of what I teach now. You posts to me though read as if you though JKD was a one stop shop and as you know you need to look outside of the art (any art) to help free you of your ignorance.
  19. kensouKOF99

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    learn them both i would say start with wing chun then learn jkd and remember use them as a way of life.
  20. Hannibal

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    Living is a way of life - Martial Arts are a way of fighting

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