Wingchun vs Jeet kune do

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by wingchunguy, May 31, 2008.

  1. wingchunguy

    wingchunguy New Member

    Hi, I've been practicing wingchun for about 2 years now and would like to get into jeet kune do to add some more effective kicks, hooks ect, to my style. Have I already learnt the basics of jeet kune do or do I have to start all over again, does anyone know?
  2. baqi9

    baqi9 Valued Member

  3. wingchunguy

    wingchunguy New Member

    Yeah ok thx, I'll look into it.
  4. Gong_Sau_Rick

    Gong_Sau_Rick ultimate WSL nutrider

    Depends which Wing Chun Kune you learnt and which Jeet Kune Do you are looking at learning.

    I would also recommend you check out Gary Lam's kicking DVD.
  5. LightSky

    LightSky Valued Member

    You've probably learnt a lot about trapping range
    but kicking, punching and ground-fighting are ranges that jkd should be able to help with, as well as other forms of trapping.

    Are you going to a JKD-concepts class, or Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do?
  6. wingchunguy

    wingchunguy New Member


    Neither at the minuet just Wingchun.
  7. LightSky

    LightSky Valued Member

    I meant which are you planning to go to. What's available in your area?
    They are quite different :p
  8. Raven Wing

    Raven Wing Valued Member

    Why do people worry about "starting all over again"? Being at the bottom of a new class means you have a lot to learn - would you waste time with a teacher who didn't have much to show you? Just go and enjoy it, you sound like you have a sensible approach to martial arts and want to turn yourself into a well rounded fighter. As you already have some experience of learning one style maybe it will allow you to pick things up a bit more quickly but don't ever worry about having to go through lots of basics, we all do it and people who crosstrain have to do it more than most but it should all add up in the end.
  9. windtalker

    windtalker Pleased to return to MAP

    First-To keep things honest here I have never been a student of Wing Chun in specific. Having practiced JKD for a number of years has given me the opprotunity to learn WC concepts that we use in JKD. Also there are other students in my class that have taken WC classes before (outside from JKD) and did so for many years.

    Second-When you begin learning Jun Fan a lot of the material will be farmiliar to a WC student. The roots of Jun Fan and JKD reflect the influence WC had on Bruce Lee. So I don't think you will be completly lost. Depending on how the school interpets JKD there's a possibility what you learn will retain much of it's Wing Chun flavor.

    Third-Might prove benificial to keep in mind there are some big differences in Wing Chun and JKD. And I'm not just refering to weapons and ground-fighting there. The footwork and guard of JKD is different than in Wing Chun. The punches and kicks also vary. Boxing had a tremendous influence on Bruce as did Savate.

    Find a good JKD school and I'm sure they can explain the differences in sufficent detail. What I'm thinking here is that you will find this is not simple as learning some JKD to add into a WC arsenal. The process will be more of a transition later as you can either do things like a WC student or JKD student.
  10. wingchunguy

    wingchunguy New Member

    Srry Light lol,

    I was thinking of taking up Jeet Kune Do completely.

    Are concept classes any good?
  11. LightSky

    LightSky Valued Member

    Very very good :p (maybe biased? ahah)
    For self defence i'd say it's the best out there, because it's anything that works.
    Bruce died before he could finish so concepts classes are individual instructors development of the art.
    Just make sure the guy has a jkd lineage.
  12. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    I wouldn't take anything else under the JKD umbrella, personally.
  13. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    I wouldn't take anything else under the JKD umbrella, personally.
  14. DaeHanL

    DaeHanL FortuneCracker

    i commend you on still having the desire to expand your martial arts horizons. The beauty of learning JKD with your WC training is that you will be expanding your arsenal without learning something completely different. Your WC skills will be a good platform to start from. just be sure to "empy your cup" (sorry for the Cliché) and not compare everything to wing chun. that way you can really grow.
  15. chof

    chof Valued Member


    having a foreground in wc will help greatly in jkd, considering you know the primary theories, spring energy centerline...etc. jkd kicks are a mix of many martial arts, one kick can have twenty variations, that is jkd, for instance a round kick is called a hook kick, verical hook, etc, jkd is all about variations of classics, a few new kicks are introduced, sweep kick, kind of a cross between a crescent and a reverse hook, savate kicks, purring kick, working with extension of the foot, etc...usually though everything is applicable!

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