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  1. taekwonguy

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    I've spent aaaaaaaaaaages looking for a JKD school and I've finally found one!!!!!!!!!


    the guy looks awesome, i've sent him an email asking for specific details, I hope he teaches trapping! I've asked him for his lineage too.
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    Ahhh, so you've decided to go for JKD. I didn't mention last night that I think that guy is an instructor under Bob Breen. I don't particularly like Bob, but he is quite a good JKD guy. From what I remember, he doesn't place a great deal of emphasis on trapping, although he does cover it. From what i remember of the guy who I linked you up with, he places more of an emphasis on Kali than the wing chun side, but he does cover Jun Fan Gung Fu, so trapping, I imagine, will be an ellement, albeit not fundamental element. Bob Breen is affiliated with Dan Inosanto, so he naturally places more emphasis on Kali.

  3. taekwonguy

    taekwonguy Very Valued Member :)

    no this guy is a different guy, I'm pretty sure he's an original JKD guy but I sent an email anyway, here is an email from the guy you found me :

    Hi Matt,

    I teach concepts (my teacher is Bob Breen his is Dan Inosanto, Bruces top student) although my class is very mixed martial art orientated (like the ufc) so not original jkd. I dont teach trapping as I feel it doesn't work against boxers. We do spar alot, stand up , clinch and groundfighting. My class is all about sparring and function not about pretending to be some dead movie star. My class is small and is on mondays 7.15-9.15pm at the somer centre midsomer norton cost £5 per session. I dont teach privates.If midsomer norton is too far I suggest you keep your boxing training up and find a good judo club and learn clinch and groundwork from them. It may not seem as cool as original jkd but I think after a couple of years of training you will be able to defend yourself very well, Which I must admit isn't always the case with jkd.CheersMark.
  4. taekwonguy

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  5. Emil

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    Uhhhh yeah, that's the guy I linked you to matt.

    Sounds good. I don't agree with what he says about Wing Chun. I mean, of course your going to struggle to use it against a boxer, but is that a reasin to leave it out? Not everybody is a boxer.

    Anyway, that's just my rant. Have fun. Let me know how you get on. You starting there soon?

  6. taekwonguy

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    no no no no! lol this is a completely different guy, the guy you showed me is not the guy in the clips thats the guy who I posted the email reply of, the new guy in the clips is a different school which is original JKD and much easier to get to!

    Unless you showed me two guys and I only saw the first!

    I don't want to do concepts I want the original stuff!
  7. taekwonguy

    taekwonguy Very Valued Member :)

    lol and if your not busy, could you come on msn a sec, I need your opinion please and I don't want to post it on the forum! It is MA though lol
  8. Emil

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    Oh sorry, I didn't look at the clips. i couldn't access them.
  9. taekwonguy

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    right I've got an email from the Bath JKD guy (the only one I could get to) and I would like to know what you guys think, I asked about where it was, do they do full contact sparring, grappling etc

    and this is what I got:

    'At the Bath JKD school I teach original JKD. It was conceived STRICTLY for street combat and self-defence, nothing else! It’s not a sport, it’s not a game, and it’s about getting the job done as QUICK as possible! with the least amount of effort! There is no jumping from one art to another, what ever you want to call it! There’s no grappling, wrestling rolling round on the ground! That’s the last place you want to be. Remember Bruce said as human beings we have more chance of survival upright on two feet! No sport sparring is practiced since actual street combat is not similar in any way shape or form to sport / tournament SPARRING! Different MIND SET! Different TRAINING METHODS! I teach at Percy community centre Bath. I have new beginners classes starting Sunday Sept 9th my new website will be up and running shortly, this date will be placed on it, then I will have a definite time more than likely it will be in the morning. Classes run for an hour and a half, email me when it appears on my new site then I will give you all the relevant info then! Concerning monthly fees & annual membership then we can go from there. Fully qualified JKD Instructor under T Carruthers! Left him back in 2002 due to personal reasons. I am the chief Instructor at the Bathjkd School. And the Bath JKD school is not affiliated with any other organization or body! My martial arts journey started way back in 1974. Whether you decide to train at my school or not is up to you, but the majority of stuff they are calling JKD NOWADAYS IS A JOKE! And the hardest thing to find is an Instructor that can point you in the right direction!

    Hope this Helps


    I was rather confused, the clips on his website look very alive though it appears that the pupils are not resisting, isn't full contact sparring what Bruce Lee wanted? How can they be tested? I was also confused about him saying there was no grappling as I know for certain Bruce had a few stand up techniques and grappling, so I asked about these two things in my reply. I also asked if I would be able to attend a normal session as I had 7 years of previous martial art experience! I also tried to sound as passionate about martial arts as I am so he would take me seriously!

    Here's his reply:

    'No Sparring! You want to get all that, in and out sh** out of your head! My students ARE! In Realistic, Alive, Combative Situations that would occur in the street! With protective gear on! That’s the difference in my school and other so called JKD schools! You say you have done many hours research on JKD and know quite a bit in terms with principles etc. You say you have read extensively on Bruce Lee himself and his art! Which is fair enough don’t believe every thing you read! I have come across many people in the past that make that claim some have even done JKD or what they thought was JKD for years only to realise that all the time and money they spent was a complete waste of time! Some times what I say is not what people want to hear but never mind! To get the right info you need to go to the right source! I have set times when people start, next class will be in Sept!


    So I really don't know what to think of this! What do you guys think????
  10. Neil.Young

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    No sparring...? in/out ****...? I take it he's suggesting sparring is a waste of time... maybe for him, but i've found it to be essential in JKD... in any contact art...

    From that reply, i personally would avoid.. there are other schools & instructors out there...
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  11. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    ok well they both are at different ends of the specturm of jkd.
    i think that trapping is effective when its in the right time and place, so not doing it means you are missing a section of combat out and even if you don't like it, students might.
    as for the orginial jkd guy well they miss a big point of what bruce was trying to say
  12. Neil.Young

    Neil.Young New Member

    Your absolutley right tel... I teach my students everything i know, i may personally not agree with a particular approach, but i will show it to them, they might find it of use, and add it to their JKD...
  13. LS

    LS Full Metal Jacket.

    I would avoid him. I'd say you're better off with Carruthers himself.

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