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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by KickinIt, Oct 6, 2007.

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    Anyone have any Yori Nakamura material - books or DVD's? What are they like , and which ones are best to get?

    He has several books out on JKD that are meant to include very rare Bruce Lee photos also. But to order from Japan , if you are in USA or Europe is expensive (CD Japan, Amazon Japan, etc has them). The books as is the norm with Jpan are meant to be very high quality loads of photos, glossy pages.

    He also has 4 DVD set on JKD with Dan Inosanto, but this is not available outside Japan and the website that has it in Japanese, unless you can read it , you can't order. Can post link to DVD set pictures or books, but not sure if you are allowed to do so on this forum, direct links to where you can buy products even though it is in Japanese language?

    On Youtube there are few clips of him , well worth a look at - [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCBn6rrgHyc"]YouTube[/ame] there is part 2 to that also. He is even teaching class at one point at Dan Inosanto's centre, with both Ron Balicki and Diana Inosanto taking the class, so he must be good and know his stuff.
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    Yori is a very good martial artist and teacher. He is known for being a little rough with the students but hey... thats how they train in Japan. He first came to America to learn Jeet Kune Do from Guro Dan Inosanto. Once he was here Dan had him show some of what Yori was doing in Japan. That is when Yori first introduced Guro Dan to Shootwrestling. Guro Dan quickly called up Larry Hartsell and the two of them started training in Shootwrestling. Yori taught Shootwrestling at Guro Dan's school and then later once he learned Jun Fan/JKD started teaching some of the Jun Fan/JKD classes for Guro Dan.

    Yori also trained Erik Paulson in Shootwreslting and Erik became Yori's top student.

    As far as the books go... well they will be hard to find. If you have a half price books you may check there. Thats where I found the book I have from him... Shootwrestling. It is a really good book going through several different lock flows and techniques as well as set ups and takedowns.

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    You can get a couple of Yuri's books from www.budovideos.com.
    I just got Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do from budovideos usa.
    It's a cool book with lots of pictures of guru Dan showing jkd .
    Hope this helps,

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    Diamond Dave,

    Have that book and others by him now , it is great but damm if only I could read Japanese! He also has 4 DVD set out with Dan Inosanto you will see it advertised in the book, unless you speak Japanese you can't order it on the website or by phone though. There are videos of him on Youtube learning and teaching Jun Fan including teaching a class at Dan's place with Diana Lee Inosanto & Ron Balicki in the class, have you seen them? If not, will find links and post them.
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    Had heard that to he is tough with students also, but will only make the students better if they can handle training that way. His other books see link from Dave are worth checking out too. In Japan he is considered the leading authority on JKD both in Bruce Lee's lifetime and after. In terms of Bruce Lee's lifetime he really knows it well, whatever you want to call it Jun Fan Gung Fu (as Dan Inosanto's group term it), Original JKD, or Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (as Bruce Lee foundation are now terming it). In Japan I'm not even sure if there are any so called Original or JFJKD people teaching there, maybe they wouldn't dare with Yori there and they certainly wouldn't criticise the Concepts way or Dan Inosanto!

    Hopefully he will do seminars himself in USA & Europe but not to sure if many know who he is outside Dan's group and even in Dan's group probably not all know of him. Remember Dan saying Yori was one of the best students he's ever had, which is high praise indeed.

    You mentioned him teaching classes for Dan , there is video on Youtube of him doing that will find link if you've not seen it. If Dan lets someone teach a class at his place, you ned not ask if he is really good or knows his stuff.

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