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    Sure wish all JKD debates were this mature...

    To be fair Lee's On Guard is a difficult stance to pull off those high kicks from - absolutely do-able, in fact, with poetry, yes, as this clip from "Way," bears out:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNxSfO2Ftiw"]bruce lee vs someone who looks like o'hara - YouTube[/ame]

    But difficult, as this top Ted Wong student Weng Fei (in China) shows. Go to near the end of the clip, right above the yellow volume line (where you raise or lower the volume). It's a bit dramatic but the guy has major skills, communicates with his feet like most people with their hands and has a decent On Guard - yet even he has some difficulty maintaining it.

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    Haha I agree, these threads rarely get more than a few posts deep before getting derailed by defensive/emotional outbursts.

    Great clip by the way! Where did you come across it?? It's difficult to find good instructional clips on the internet...more often than not it's some dilettante who's just practiced an isolated combination from one of Bruce Lee's movies. I'm a bit spoiled myself, owning Inosanto's complete 9 DVD set, not to mention training 4 nights a week at the academy, but I'm always searching for resources I can check out while on the clock!
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    Charles, I pm'd you some more links. Did you receive them? If not, PM/Let me know and I'll resend them.


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